Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cooking with Kurma

One of the most enjoyable days we have spent was hosting a cooking class in our home with some good friends. Geoff and I are not vegetarian eaters exclusively but we have grown to appreciate something better than the old Aussie diet
of ‘meat and 3 Vegge’.
In our early poor days, while watching TV, (our fave channel – SBS) a cooking show came on with Kurma Dasa, (Cooking with Kurma) a Vegetarian chef whose use of spices and herbs creates the most
delicious food.
Inspired by the world’s best spices and herbs, his recipes are full of flavor and healthy.
Do you like your Vegetables or you want to enjoy eating them more? Maybe you’d like to be more adventurous with spices (and I do not mean spicy hot necessarily). Try his gorgeous recipes and if you are keen, think about hosting a cooking day with some friends. I’ll come, if I can get there!
Our cooking day was great fun - we worked hard, learnt heaps, were inspired and then sat down to the most amazing feast. We will be having another one soon. Cheers to Kurma!

The menu we chose out of many was
‘Classics from the Subcontinent’

*Sweet & Sour Masoor Dal Soup with Pumpkin
*South Indian Lemon Rice with
Fresh Coconut & Cashews
*Poriyal of Cauliflower, Potato and Peas
(Mild Karnataka-style)
*Flame toasted Papadams
*North Indian Cabbage, Coconut and Peanut Salad (Kobi Pachadi),
Seasoned Spinach with Yogurt (Palak Raita),
Flakey Wholewheat Griddle Fried Breads (Parathas),
Saffron-scented Rice Pudding (Chaval Ksira) served with Cream and Bananas

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