Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Dacks?

Hi someone!?

I am unsure why am I starting a BLOG. I am too busy with my life and far too lazy with my 'spare' time for this but I'm craving an outlet to say what I think about and to get an impartial opinion of some of the things I make, not to forget to gain inspiration from you guys too. I've been so inspired by so many blogs over the last few years, its time I became interactive.

It somehow feels it might be safer to say exactly what I think here than with some face to face situations.

My inspiration for this blog name comes from the pants I made my 2 yr old son, Fiann, they were from opp shop tea towel and all manner of scraps. I have a cunning plan to make lots of Happy Dacks for Everyone, one day.. ha ha ha ha!!!
Realistically, I would just settle for hand making all our gifts and some more of our clothes..


M* (Melanie) said...

As a newbie myself to the land of blog I completely understand the mixed emotions related to starting a blog when you have so little time on your hands. I think I pretty much said the same thing in my first entry!!

And seeing as you and I are in the same boat (newbies, mothers & too busy) I am looking forward to reading more from you and seeing some of those happy dacks,

SewHum said...

I like your 'happy dacks' - very cute. welcome to blogland. no one had time - which is why its 1am and I'm still blogging! off to bed...soon