Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pumpkins and a pea pod with Lippy

Our Pumpkins are picked and I am planning recipes. A Pumpkin Pie for something new might be nice, maybe even some Pickled Pumpkin or Pumpkin Chutney? - if anyone knows of something yummy along these lines let me know please. I will definitely make a truck load of Good Old Pumpkin Soup (We love it)
Under the 'harvest' is one of the 'Veggie/Fruit People' Tea Towels I helped Maeve make for friends/family last Christmas. We printed them out on T-shirt transfer paper then ironed them onto a plain panel of fabric. Then we sewed panel on tea towel with cute ribbon trim. Very basic and easy. Out of all the color combinations this was my fave, unfortunately the transfer stuff does not wash all that well. The next project like this I will try some of the ink jet printable fabric or make my own, it might be more durable.
*From left to right; A Bouffant Brocolli, a Hairy Pea?, a Pea pod with lippy on and little peas inside (has to be my favorite), another stray Pea, an Eggplant and a Pineapple.

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Cute fruit and veggies!