Sunday, May 3, 2009

Best Papadams come in very cute packets

Best Papadams, cute packets
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OMG!!! I'm such a food freak, I'm blogging Flame Grilled Papadams... but I have to let you know these are so good. Because they are so thin unlike the supermarket variety you can toast straight over gas stove holding with tongs, keep flipping it one side to the other. Only takes less than a minute. REALLY YUMMY. Try it.
We go through SO Many here! You can get them from Indian Grocery stores, 'India at home' has locations all over Melbourne. Great prices for spices and its such an inspiration to browse the food!

P.S. I wish someone would organise tours of Indian, Asian, African, Middle Eastern, Spanish etc... Grocery Stores with lots of sample tastings of different cusine and products along the way... If anyone does this, please let me know, I am so there!

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