Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

We had a houseful last night, good friends came up to sleep over and we ate, drank and were merry!! The kids went off to bed relatively struggle free and were all sound asleep at a not too insane time. Of course the 'adults' stayed up way too late yakking!
After trying to organize this stay for well over a year, its so great to have finally coordinated something. It was a good night!
Sometimes we find we cannot spare the time for many reasons but if you wait for the wind to be blowing in the exact right direction you can miss out on great fun.
It can be hard after a night like this to have a fuss free day, tired kids and grown ups. (I don't bounce back so easy these days)
But Mother's Day has been really special and I had a really lovely day. Maybe something to do with the energy boost from the nutritious chocolates and I get a such a kick out of my flowers every glimpse I get.
The top photo is an oldie of my Mother and I, I love this one very much.
And above photo is when Maeve and Fiann, just born, first met each other!
Happy Mothers Day!!
Special wishes for you all... and lots of Chocolate.
Chele x
P.S. If anyone is reading this who might like to hint at how to put a button on blog.. I'd feel a little less 'Dr Awkward'
Also I have NO idea of how to link to people without it looking like this -
When I'd really like it to look more like this.....
Hello! It's Meet me at Mikes
only have it work!
It is bugging me big time! ? ! ??

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