Friday, May 8, 2009

New Grannies

'A Granny a Day' is such fun and its great we are still going! I love seeing what other colors people have been putting together and the all the different patterns they are using. I love the spiral one particulary! It reminds me of the Mandelbrot set!
I must admit after being inspired by other peoples Granny squares that I have really, really wished for some different colors but stuck to my old stash, making the most of what I have. Oh well!!
I am not sure how I might use these Granny squares, should I mix it up more with the bigger squares or keep them all tiny? Hmmm?
Check out Pip's lovely granny!!

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M* (Melanie) said...

They look really great together. I really love those patchwork quilts which use the different sized squares but then I know what you mean in regards to just doing one or the other. Hmm it is quite a difficult decision isn't it?? And I'm obviously not helping!