Monday, August 24, 2009

Ponys, Trains and Lurkers

Our family walked from Petty's Orchard along the Yarra River to Eltham the other day. We had a picnic at Diamond Valley Reserve where they have Pony rides and a really cool miniature railway - both $3 a pop - such great value! Even though the queue was fairly long, the wait was short - and worth it! Maeve and Fiann thought it was a fantastic thing to do, and so did I. I think I might have been the only 'adult' on the train squealing with delight as we went through the tunnels! Maybe I am a trainspotter at heart? Nah, just a big kid...

I have been reading crafty peoples wonderful blogs for years now and find it the most amazing, infinite pool of inspiration. There has been many times I have found just the right spark that has led me into a whole other craft tangent. (Which ultimately leads to more unfinished projects but, shhh, thats not important) I do finish some things...eventually! It's lovely how people share their ideas and enthusiasm with each other. And as I am discovering, 'blogging' doesn't necessarily come naturally! Which leaves me even more in awe of my blogging heroes, such a lot of work and time they put in. So far I am just a little bit of a 'fringe blogger'. Being a 'lurker' of blogs (now I know some lingo) I never commented much because I did not feel my comments were offering anything new and perceived that I would be waisting their time, Silly me! Commenting is COOL! even if it is just "Yep, I like that"
Anyway I am rambling on...

I thought I had better post a photo of my Granny a Day blankie….. almost finished!
Because it might be too long of a wait otherwise.. Bad photo too! Rats! Chele x

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