Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ahhhh, ALMOST no timetable!!! Don't you love it...
It's Geoffrey's birthday today, the big 40, so here is an old a photo of Geoff and his 1st beloved cat, Caesar.

Geoffrey (17yrs old) and Caesar

We are leaving the big celebration until later in the week when we head out to a local brewery to sample some nice new beer and then dinner with some good friends. Also, asap, we are heading down the mornington peninsula for a much needed break. Fingers crossed!

Good book and good beer
I have just started "The Pleasure and Sorrows of Work" - Alian de Botton. I don't want stop reading, I wish it had bigger print though. I love his books and his tv work. A review is here http://www.readings.com.au/review/the-pleasures-and-sorrows-of-work-alain-de-botton

I made my first pavlova in years today... who hoo! It's collapsing with the weight of cream and fruit on top but we are looking forward to eating it anyway.
Pavlova and fruit
Happy Holidays!

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