Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ta Da

Well I am Amazed, I worked out how to post Bigger photos on my blog!!!!!
A BIG Thank you to Geninne’s Art Blog for posting the link for making photos bigger. Now I just need to work out how to make links to great blogs like this LOOK less awkward!?

Our easter hats

This is an old favorite photo of Maeve and Fiann with their Maya Made newspaper hats decorated with herbs and flowers.


Thea said...

To make your links look more professional: in Blogger, highlight the word you want to create a link to, click on the link button (in top menu) and type in the link. Presto!
If you're not sure which button it is.. scroll your mouse over them and it should tell you.
I always double-check that the links are working once I have posted.
Hope this helps!

Happydacks said...

Oh Thea, thank you heaps.. I just found your comment! Very nice of you to offer advice! I did finally work it out!! Chele x