Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fun and Games

Going fishing

We have made it through this winter relatively intact this year, touch wood, managing to avoid the plethora of colds we were unlucky enough to collect all of last winter.
These last few weeks however have been really very cruddy!
Everyone here has been unwell, the kids have been stuck inside a lot and are reacting like lightning before the storm warning. (Even the ‘adults’ in this house have been just a weenie bit testy too) not very much fun!
I have been trying to get some home work done for my new sewing class but was too brain drained to concentrate and I think I might have sewn a sleeve on somewhere strange.
Thankfully I remembered a great post I read recently for an inspiring project found at M* “anyone for Fishing” (follow my awkward link here)
So I decided to make our own fishing game. This was really good fun to make and although it was all about relieving the kids boredom, it became good therapy for me.
I really enjoyed the crafting while juggling my sick kids and husband (not literally) and I made my sea creatures.
Thanks very much Melanie for the inspiration and the encouragement! (good idea for your book one day Mel!)
P.S. Maeve (nearly 7) loves make believe games and has already had a lovely time playing with them…. Alas, Fiann (our lovely sick and cranky 3 year old son) had started using the fishing rod as a weapon within the first 4 minutes!! Hmmm. Sick kids are not the most rational. I’m sure we will all be well again soon!
Chele x


Nikki Cardigan said...

Your fishing game is great.... especially as it was made in the midst of sickness. I love the boot.

Hope your household returns to good health soon.

Happydacks said...

Thanks Nikki, we are all quite chirpy today. Phew.