Saturday, September 12, 2009

Jewelry Board

My daughter Maeve has a collection of 'georgous' dress up jewlery that she has collected from various op shops around the traps. But her lovely little Jewelry box was becoming way too small for all these 'chunky numbers' and was spilling out, leaving a tangled mess of jewels. So after seeing my friend's Cathie's brilliant earing board, I deciced to made this 'Jewlery board' for Maeve.
I used a cheap canvas from the bargain shop and glued on various fabric scraps and ribbon. Then I stappled a layer of Tulle over the top, this gives you something to hook earrings and neck laces onto. It was quick and easy to make, it looks great hanging on the wall, its functional and a real space saver too.

Jewlery board


M* (Melanie) said...

That's sooooo cool and SUCH a great idea! Fantastic!

Happydacks said...

Thankyou Mel, You Rock too!! Chele x