Sunday, September 13, 2009

Reproduction Antique French Playing cards

Visually stunning cards

These are really wonderful to look at, they are replica antique French Playing cards. I was given these by an old friend, Jann, when I started picture framing.


jimmcneill said...

I was wondering if you could scan and upload the Jack of Hearts from the replica deck you have. I ask as I'm doing some research into La Hine (a knight who fought with Joan of Arc) who is thought to be represented as the Jack of Hearts in French packs.
Also, data on the origin of the pack you have may also be of interest.
PS you're right they are wonderful to look at ~ thanks for sharing.

Happydacks said...

Hi Jim,
I will post a photo of Jack of Hearts for you when I can locate the deck...hmm...I must have put it in a really "safe spot".
I would love to know more about these cards, they are exquisite!