Monday, October 12, 2009

The endless birthday party

Maeve on her 7th Birthday

Over the last week we celebrated our daughter Maeve's 7th Birthday! I simply cannot believe it. She has really grown up so much since starting school last year and now -in just a couple of weeks (it will seem) she will be starting grade 2! Maybe one day a Physicist will discover that, actually, once we hit 35-40 that time does indeed move much quicker for us.
Our celebrations have lasted days, with a day at the orchard, visiting family and the biggest and 'funnest' being a party extravaganza! Our local indoor pool caters for children's party's. Too easy!

Pool Party Blur!!

Maeve's fabric dolls house

I have been making a fabric dolls house using the pattern from UK lass in US as a guide and was pretty pleased with how it came out, although the inside walls are a little baggy saggy and I think I might of over tizzed just a tad. Maeve loves it though so I was very pleased.

Maeve's fabric dolls house

Maeve's fabric dolls house


M* (Melanie) said...

Oh Chele! What an exquisite gift! No wonder Maeve likes it so much. It's stunning! Really, really beautiful. Home made is the best!

Happydacks said...

Thanks Mel, Hand made is the best! I dream of hand making every prezzie but I am not that organised... one day maybe?
I aim to make Fiann a Barn for Christmas at very least.

Loz and Dinny said...

This is just so so gorgeous - what an amazing job you did! My daughter would wet her pants over this, I reckon!

frog said...

How very gorgeous! I daren't show my own 7yo because she'd want one too. Which would be fun but i already have a long to do list!

Happydacks said...

Thanks heaps frog - I wager, my to do list is a mile longer than yours...not too brag about size or anything. But, just to let you know, I am so 'horrendously' behind the eight ball!
Go on make know you want to!

Miss Prudence said...

these are outstanding! just beautiful