Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hot + Not


Liana Kabel's upcycled plastic fantastic jewelry! The Kewpie doll necklace is so cute and I would love some of those Knitting needle bracelets!! I found the link at Thea's lovely blog

Shop and Cook tours - They have tour choices - Lebanon to Morocco, Spanish, All Asian, Italian, Queen Victoria Market and Seafood - I have been hoping to do something like this. They also have some courses for the kids - great to see.
(found thanks to Jetsetting Joyce)
Also hot is having Kurmacome to your house for a cook-a-thon.

Little Match Box House From Coloured Buttons. I love this house, it is so cute, great for party favours. I am thinking of skewing this slightly and making some Halloween trinkets. Maybe coffin necklaces with a skeleton inside?

Not Hot

Motivational Posters Not the keep calm and carry on type, I quite like them, they are more like gentle encouragement posters! The ones that really get to me are the really serious ones, you know where someone is climbing the most impossibly high jagged cliff with words like...'You just need to believe in yourself' printed boldly underneath. I think it is great to be positive but it's unnatural all of the time. Is anyone really like that or are they just great actors? Obviously they would only have a HOT list...

The BBC They sit on great shows like Grim Tales and The Goodies!
Do they know that it's selfish of them? It is like they are the big kid with the soccer ball and although they are not playing with it they will not let anyone else have a turn. And its not like they do not release shows, flooding the world with The Bill and other such abysmal viewing.
I want them to release The Goodies + Grim Tales right now, or else I am going to petition them. You heard! Be warned BBC! Right On!

Manuals - All manuals seem to be written with the intention of confusing the reader – not enlightening them about the particular product. And I hate having to refer to any of them. Now I have to read my camera's manual because the settings seem to have changed. My photos do not seem as good, I have tried to ignore this but it is too annoying. The dreaded manual is 190+ pages. Oh no!

Pins and Needles Getting a numb bum from sitting at the computer way too long, I NEED a laptop so I can get more comfy.

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Claire said...

Hello! Yes, you're linking fine in the widget. THanks for taking part again and I love how you are visiting all the other hotter n notters and leaving friendly comments. Very cool. xx

Lysh said...

I *so* agree with you on The Goodies! I wish we could buy all the episodes on dvd!

I kinda remember seeing them when I was little, but as an adult, I was only re-introduced to them when I met my now husband.
We often listen to their music cd in the car - love 'Black Pudding Bertha' especially! :)

I hear you on the numb bum thing too. Although I still get that even with a laptop - I always forget to move! heh

*Thank you for your recipe by the way; I've been away and not had a chance to reply - will soon though! :)

Happydacks said...

Glad I am using the widget correct...
Thank you for your friendly comment Claire! Extremely Cool!

Lysh - yor tatted kittens are such a find! Love them. Glad you like the recipe.
Chele x

trixi said...

Hi Chele,
Thanks for putting my little matchbox house in your HOT box! How fun is that, especially seeing you also have Kurma there. I've been a fan of his for ages!

Two Tuesdays said...

What irks me about the Goodies is that they release a few episodes here and there, but not the whole darn lot. Why do that? Meanies!

Sarah said...

I totally agree with you about manuals! Grrr! When I get a manual I usually throw it out of the window ( not literally, I actually just shove it in a drawer, hidden forever..)They are sooooo boring. Although when I am sat at the computer for several hours trying to do something really basic in photoshop, well, I wish I'd read the manual...curse their all knowing cleverness!

Janet said...

Are there new Goodies? I loved that show when I was a kid.

Totally that most manuals are badly written - writing a good manual is very difficult and not highly valued, I guess. Every now and then I have to spend a night on the couch playing with my camera with the manual beside me.

slingsomeink said...

I hear you on the motivation posters. I think the worse ones though have a tiny kitten nearly falling off a branch with a "hang in there" slogan (shudder)