Friday, October 23, 2009

Last minute card

We have been to a Kids Disco Birthday Party and my ears are still ringing. Not from the music but, from the 20-odd children yelling and having a really groovy time...way too much sugar. But Great Fun.

Grooved up with Glitter

I made this card for the Birthday Girl. I cut it out of a book I found in an op shop for 50c and stuck with double sided tape onto a piece of card stock.
The Illustrations by Karel Franta - they are all really fun but this one was my favorite and seemed appropriate. I added glitter and we were ready to boogie.
I always find myself short of gift cards when I need them, so I have started a pile of thifted books especially for this emergency.
A lot cheaper and nicer that the expensive bought ones I think.


Two Tuesdays said...

That is a spectacular card! I've just read your profile - picture framer? That ROCKS! What an amazing job to have. Very jealous here.

Happydacks said...

It does ROCK, I have framed some great things, beautiful art, a real sword and some big undies!! Currently am home untill my son goes to school.

trixi said...

What a cute and cheeky bunny. I love him! I also am always making cards to give, hate buying cards!

Happydacks said...

Thanks for the comment Trixi, that bunnie has attitude.
Gift cards can be the price of present themselves... I'd much rather spend more on the gift!

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

What a sensational idea - it looks great. And who can ever resist a bit of glitter!

Tania said...

I can't even remember the last time I 'bought' a card. Actually - I do - a condolence card. Funny how I felt too strange to put together my sympathies.

Thea said...

I love this too. The glitter really tops it.