Friday, October 16, 2009

Whats Hot and Whats Not

I've been enjoying reading Claire's What’s Hot + What’s Not Wednesdays over at Loobylu. It's a good meme, I thought I might join in too, just for a giggle!
Note I am posting my first Hot + Not on a Friday!!


Libraries! - Pretty general, but they are the best! To be able to order online and have books sent from all over Victoria, for free!!! I love the feeling of walking out with a stack of lovely books! Sort of feels like stealing...insert poor impersonation of a villains laugh here.
This book is my favorite right now - Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Companion With loads of inspired recipes like this Baby Beetroot salad with Spinach, Crisp Ginger and Curry-flavoured Dressing. YUM.
Stephanie sujests the CRISP GINGER can be scattered over other vegetables...mmmmmmm!

Water Play - Fiann is having a lovely time measuring, mixing and washing in water for, what seems like hours...any activity that engroses your youngster this well is definatley Hot! So while he is having a great old time I can try to get my 'to do' list smaller! In actual fact, that is not true at list remains while I sit in front of the computer pondering Hot and Not. Good fun!

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This book - Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered We got this for Maeve for her birthday...I am thinking of photo copying pages for me to have a go too! It is an inspirational book, encouraging kids to not be too critical of their own drawings and run free on the pages! I wonder if there is a flickr pool for this book with peoples work on?

'The Kills' - Their music, lyrics and style is fun and pretty cool. They are by no means a mainstream band... I like that a lot! Mainstream music as a general rule annoys me, its lyrics seem really banal. Not that this is high brow!!


Leaking porches - there is heaps of rain falling this spring and our veranda is 'springing' leaks!

Molding Pumpkins - Our lovely Pumpkins we grew have been sitting around my home looking wonderfully decorative for months now. We did cook a couple up but they tasted REALLY awful and bland, no matter, they looked gorgeous! Maybe they were not ripe when I picked them. Anyway, I was going to try cooking another, but I still don't know they would be any more edible. Also I thought I could carve for Halloween. Now I see most of them are starting to go off...bum.

Feeling disorganised - I try not to think about this too much as it sends me into a panic. I usually deal with this feeling by doing something crafty...delay the inevitable and around we go again.
My organisation at the moment is to be laughed at! I guess once both my children are at school I might find it easier to get things sorted. But I do suspect I am just an "all over the place" kind of girl.

Blocked Toilet... Hmm I just discovered my son has nearly overflowed the toilet by putting 1/2 a roll of loo paper in it! This kind of 'water Play' is NOT HOT!!!!

Playing next week, I hope! Bye!


Shary Bobbins said...

Ooh i'm jealous I have been coveting the Kitchen Garden Companion since it came out! I picked it up at the bookshop and almost broke a wrist!

x Lauren

Claire said...

Hello! It has taken me a full week to get about and say hello to everyone who played What's Hot + What's not last week ... but here I am! Hello! :) I am so impressed that you managed to get the new Stephanie book from the Library! I have my eye on it too and think that my husband and I are going to give it to each other for Christmas. xx