Sunday, November 8, 2009

Acclimatising to the Hot weather

Bath in Backyard

We have been enjoying the weather this weekend, it's been quite hot in Melbourne and while normally we do not fare well in the heat...when we are at home grubbing around in the garden, not looking flash, it is actually really great.
Some nice friends with a trailer, made a trip to the tip/recycling depot and picked up an old bath tub for us for $10, thanks Shona and Damian! They also grabbed some for themselves too, for their garden beds - fantastic idea!
Our bath scrubbed up really well and was perfect for the kids to have a paddle in.
It just needs some drainage/hose sort of apparatus so that the water emptys directly on the part of the garden where we need it most. I already think it's better than our old blow up paddle pool and after we put some low compact growing plants around the will look ok too!
I am looking forward to a outdoor bath one hot evening this Summer too.
A friend told me of a visit he had to his friend's home in Mt Beauty, when he arrived, very tired one night, he was welcomed and directed to a bath tub set in the middle of their orchard filled with warm water with heaps of candles set up all around it, on a clear starry night, (out of the city) wow, that sure does sound nice! How special would you feel!

Aldo, Kaffir Lime and Geoff's Grandmothers Chairs

Aldo had a nice wash too!

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