Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beach escape

Hi, we are back from our Blairgowrie trip.
We had a great time away but really lovely to be home.
We tried to fit in as much beach as possible over our few days and did a pretty good job!
Our bathers did not get a chance to dry while we were away...blurry photo seems to work here, after all that activity I feel a bit blurry too!

I love the tea trees at the beach, some become really twisted, this one (while not really twisted) looked lovely with the Sorrento park rotunda behind it.

Maeve on one of the unbelievable huge pines (not sure what type) at the park at Sorrento.
It is a great park for kids!

This is a shot under the Flinders Pier, we took a drive over the other side of the peninsula for some rock pool beach combing, found heaps of crabs, little fish and star fish.

Flinders pier

Had a lovely time!
We all want to get back there soon!
Chele x


trixi said...

Love the colour of the water under the pier. Was it really that colour? After looking at your photos I think I want to go on a holiday. Even though I live near the beach when I go on holidays I still like to go somewhere close to a beach.

Nyssa @ SurrealDesign said...

Oooh, some lovely pics there, that under hte pier one would be lovely blown up on a canvas on the wall!