Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hot and Not Wednesday

Straight into Loobylu's meme today;

Beach escape
Been lucky enough to getaway for a few days to the beach...
Perfect weather for our getaway...
Cramming in all the swimming and beach play we could...
Blairgowrie's child friendly beach-ie you have to walk miles out into the shipping lane to be submerged as an adult!
Tired kids unable to protest at bed time for more than 1 minute before falling asleep...
Nobody coming down with a nasty bug while we were away...
Free accommodation in beach house given to us by very, lovely people...So nice!


Shady Geoffrey and his hat, especially when we are relaxing on holidays - Hot!

Old caravans
A really cool old caravan at the beach house we stayed at. It has curved glass windows and very cute curtains. The inside (from memory) is all colour co-ordinated...too cute!

Kitchen sink with a view

Our home has great windows, not double glazed sadly but they are one of the best things about our house. I love being able to see the kids play and our garden (when our garden is not looking sadly neglected).
Nice big windows would definitely be a prerequisite for any house we might live in in the future. This place would do - when we win tattslotto!


Spam of any kind really is the pits but 'Viagra sales pitches' posted as comments on your blog. Funny.

No Subtitles
We have always watched movies etc from all over the world and find subtitles second nature on our screen. We really miss them when they are not used.
I think everything, especially DVDs, should always have them as an option.
Hearing impaired people must be really annoyed that this is not just a standard feature.
This leads me to how say how crappy the information and subtitles can be on 'digital TV', I think they must be having a laugh sometimes because it's absolute Gobbledygook!

It can be hard to relax sometimes with young kids, and it can even seem that when we get the opportunity to it can take a while to calm down.
It would be nice to have some more time for the grown ups is needed around here, to occasionally relieve the pressure that builds up would help us maintain a light hearted approach to parenting...maybe?
Sometimes we do put ourselves last, don't we!?

I did not get around to look at last week's Hot and Not's much - I will have more time hopefully this week! Maybe?
Why don't you join in?
It is much better than face book! (did I say that out loud?)
Chele x


sarah barnett said...

I too love old caravans. We had one when I was a kid and we just adored it - until it burnt down. I especially like the really old teardrop style ones. Classy.

Tania said...

You KNOW what I am going to say to the last bit on 'stress'. TALK TO ONE OF THE NANA'S! Quick sticks! (I'm officially on your case)...

sophie said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such kind words.

I liked your hot and nots, although a little jealous of your holiday...sounded blissful!

Claire said...

I really love your window and your view into the garden - so special! It sounds like you had such a great break. Thanks for playing again this week Chele.

Aussie-waffler said...

Your windows are fabulous. I am a huge fan of nice generous windows, if only they came with an on-call window cleaner, how perfect would that be ?

lisa stubbs said...

your photo's are lovely, we could do with some of your lovely sunshine!

the cook said...

Your beach holiday sounds divine. Loved seeing the old Flinders pier too! S :)

Hello. My name is Danielle. said...

:) Thanks for the comment on my blog! I concur about the stitches. I hope that my embroidery will blossom. (okay that was a bad joke.

Carol Baicker-McKee said...

Beach holiday? Charming old caravan? Man, I'm jealous. I LOVE the view out your kitchen window (and the view of the window sill). Thanks for a vicarious dose of warm weather and frolicking kids. And thanks too for the comment on my blog! (My husband thinks he can resurrect the old hard drive onto the new computer that just arrived on my doorstep - if it works I'll put the pie tut up pronto; if not, I'll just do it again.)

Holly said...

Blairgowrie's so great for kids isn't it!?

Lilli boo said...

wonderful post, getting away with kids is always reinvigorating..and this meme better then facebook? -definitely...;-)