Monday, November 9, 2009

Hot + Not Wednesday

Hot + Not Wednesday
Hi, I'm back again with some more for Loobylu's meme!
I have to say I have not had enough time to spend on this post - until now - and now I seem to have gone all..'DER'.
I am very hot and frazzled after this week of hot weather in Melbourne.
I'm sure I am not the lone ranger!

Kindergarten 2010
My son, Fiann and I went for a lovely morning at his New Kinder, he does not start until next year but he is SO excited, he thinks it is going to be COOOL!

Studio Beerhorst Wonder Wagon I think this is a great project, it obviously created a lot of community interest and also encouraged peoples creativity too. Looks like fun!

ArtPrize Wonder Wagon

I am not sure how old our neighbour’s calves are, but I have caught glimpses of their frolicking play a few times and it's so cute! I guess all young animals play - it's the way we learn – so why not them - but the old city girl in me was just a little surprised to see them so obviously 'on for a game'.

Our lemon tree is going off and providing lots of fruit, some of which we have made lemonade with. It is just lemon juice and sugar to taste (a fair bit), boiled up and used as cordial. We add water or soda water. Really yummy! I put some cinnamon quills in this batch - it's ok, but I will leave it out next time.

Home grown bunch of flowers
Flowers picked from our garden always make a nice impact on my day. I forgot to take a photo and after this hot weather they are looking pretty limp now...

Not -

Flies and Mosquitoes
Great time of the year, but brings all these pests with it.

Facial Hair
Oh God! I have found 1 inch length of hair growing out of my chin...Did I say that out loud? I have an epilady but sometimes (rightly so) I am afraid to use it! Deep breath...I need to be brave.

Aged Parents/grandparents
I wish we lived closer to my family. I am thinking about a time when they will be able to travel less to see us. I really think we need to move closer.

Tummy Bump
I went to the Chemist to ask about anti histamines for myself today and the nice girl in the Chemist looked and pointed at my tummy while saying 'and you are pregnant'. Jeez, I really hate that!!! I am always polite enough when this happens, although I don't know why, as it bothers me. I guess I assume they feel quite uncomfortable and know better next time.
I would never ask/presume even the most obviously pregnant woman was pregnant...even if she looked ready to pop!
It is safer that way.
Anyway, now, boy I feel pretty shite!

It seems that way sometimes!

Hope you all have a good end to your week! We are off to Beach on Friday for a couple od days...So that will be one of the Hot's on my list next week!
Take care
Chele x


V for Violet said...

Hi, how lovely to make your own lemonade and you are so lucky to have heat! Have forgotten what it's like - it's grey, cold and damp here at the moment! x

meg d said...

I love homemade lemonade! Have fun at the beach. Tummy bump...know what you mean, I was looking at mine in the window of the shops on the way home today :( not sure how to get rid of it. Always being asked about whether I am going to have another one...maybe a girl this time? xx

Happydacks said...

Hi Tanya, we are lucky that it's hot here, it takes it out of you but I haven't forgotten how demotivational the cold grey winter is. Winter is tough!

Thanks Meg, I'll have a paddle for you.

Umm Anonymous, That’s hilarious...I am not sure what post you are commenting on...and I am a little shy to click on you in my side bar comments section...Goodness knows where I would find myself, but I will take your suggestion onboard. ;)

Claire said...

I share your HOT kinder visit (lily's was today - so exciting! She couldn't stop talking during quiet, mat time) and a NOT - the tummy bump! I would look quite cute if I was pregnant. Sigh!

pinry said...

yes, the hot weather is getting a bit wearing isn't it? at least the mornings and evenings have been cool lately. home-made lemonade sounds fab, must try that! have a good time at the beach.

Lilli boo said...

A little late in responding..but I love home-made lemonade too and only wish my daughter had got nto her local 3 year old kindy (this could lead to a rant - but on this note All I want to say is when did a Local kindy becoem so exclusive it changed the rules without informing the parents who live locally!!) enough of that...

A year ago I was asked wether I was pregnant too! twice in a week...wasn't very comfortable at the time more for the duffers who response came with a big smile on my face!!! Funnily enough now I am pregnant...karma baby ;-)

Carol Baicker-McKee said...

Love this whole post (and the next one too with the gorgeous photos of your beach trip. Those trees - wow!).

Hooray for people like you who make the rest of us with tummy bumps and the odd hair realize we have company! (Just a warning - that whole tummy bump thing only gets worse after 40... ).

Also love the quote - good to be reminded to slow down.