Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hot & Not Wednesday

Hot and Not
Participating in Claire of Loobylu's Hot + Not again...follow the link for more! Or come and join us with your own!


Job interview (BIG WOW!)
I went for my first job interview in 10+ years this morning and while feeling 'extremely very nervous', (could not resist the Lolaism) I did quite well (I believe?) and was so proud of myself. I do not know if I will get the job, but I feel chuffed that I somehow summoned the guts to put myself right out there. I have not felt tempted before by a job opportunity. I don't need it luckily, I just really WANT it so much!
This would be my dream job. It is behind the counter of one of the best specialty food shops in our area. They are closely aligned with the Slow Food Movement which, to my understanding, supports small, sustainable and humane farming methods, as well as supporting artisan produce such as fine breads. They encourage local produce, but also have some of the best products from around the world. Basically they have high ethical standards. They are cutting edge foodies - not snobby, just see food/animals as something we all should appreciate and value a lot more than our 'fast' 'supermarket' approach to food ever will!
Wish me luck! Ultimately, if I don't get the job, I will not be too disheartened. It will just make other interviews less of a hurdle!
Wish me luck though!

Dan McCarthy's series of skeleton art celebrates this amazing life of ours and other animals too. I love the sentiment in this series. It is 'respectful' of how amazing but how fleeting the natural world is. While I would like to believe in a supernatural world, I am a bit of a science/naturalist geek. I think our Planet might be better off if we did not need anything other than an appreciation of this life!


Chain letters/emails and Chain Txts
I received one recently from a good friend...and it was sent to a few people at the same instant and it said all sorts of highly sentimental things and above all hailed their connection with me...but, I must say it felt like they did not quite have time. Actually it was the least personal experience I think I have had while actually being told how valuable I am...and then it went on to suggest that I need to send this to several friends for some totally lame arse reason...I was a little bit disappointed! Please file in the too honest section!

Digs from friends
I can leave various tasks around our 'mostly hygenic' house for long periods of time before I find them top of my priorities. It's really low when a visitor points them out and says "what is going with that pile of stuff, Chele???"
How rude!

10:50 Going to comfy bed dog tired and just now joined by a barking sick 7 year old! Poor Maeve! Ahh, sleepless me!!!

Must dare myself to keep my posts shorter than this, I do like to rabbit on sometimes!
I can't wait to get around to read the other Hot & Nots!!
Take good care of yourselves!!

Chele xxx


V for Violet said...

Well done you on the job interview - and good luck, hope you get it! and hope you got some sleep! x

Amy Woo said...

Ooh good luck for the job! I have an interview for a job I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want, on Monday. I am so nervous I could literally throw up! (Not a good impression to make on prospective employers!)

Gonna spend this weekend reading up about the job so I can wow the interviewers! It's for a Community Mental Health Support Worker. Dream job!

I have my fingers crossed for you!

Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Good on you for going for the job interview. Doesn't it sound like a fabulous job? Good luck - I hope you get it! I love the idea of being able to spend-where-you-earn too!

(I've been out of the workforce for more than 4.5 years and am totally petrified of facing an interview! Its ironic as I used to sit on interview panels and train people in recruitment and selection. This stay-at-home-mum sure saps your confidence quickly!)

Happydacks said...

Thankyou for the comments and kind wishes...I found out this arvo that I do have a 2 hour trial on Sunday...this does not make me as nervous but it feels like a HUGE step. Chel xxx

Claire said...

Congrats on the 2 hour trial ! Break a leg Chele!

Kylie said...

Go you! Sending lovely, hopeful, successful thoughts your way. Thanks so much for your comment, sometimes I kind of think I'm talking to myself, isn't that the first sign of madness?.

aqua said...

Interviews are not hot, especially after a long absence from workforce so I commend you for taking such a big leap and wish you luck. It sounds great. Slow food in the Yarra Valley sounds great. Sick kids and sleep deprivation = not great.

lisa stubbs said...

Hi Chele!
congratulation! you're a winner over at 'Lil Sonny Sky, Thank you for your lovely Christmas comment, if you could e-mail me your address so I can get your Christmas goodies out to you as soon as pos!
Big Thanx again Lisax

Amy Woo said...

Ooh good luck for your trial!

olive said...

I am very impressed at you going for an interview as I have not had one in at least ten years and would be v v v scared to go through one again! Good luck, it sounds like a great job (cos I love food!).

Carol Baicker-McKee said...

I'll be thinking of you on Sunday (well, Saturday here), hoping it goes well in every respect. Sounds like a great job.

And as for the digs from friends, remember that for every one who digs, there's another silently thanking you for being flawed too (uh, that would be me).

Thanks for visiting my blog again too - always nice to hear from people like you who encourage the imperfect like me!

clare's craftroom said...

All the very best , hope you get that job !

Ange said...

Hope the trial went okay!! I've got an interview tomorrow, myself, getting kind of wound up about it tonight ... silly, no??