Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More Hot + Not

Hi, I'm up for another week of Wednesday - What's Hot + What's Not. Someone mentioned last week how they were finding it much easier to come up with the what's hot...and after thinking about it, I have to say I am too...that's Hot in itself!!
To see everyone Else's Hot + Not - head over to Loobylu for a look. It's not too late to join in if you want to, Claire tells you how to do it. Go on...

Tawny Frogmouths - We lucky to have four in our backyard at the moment, two adults and their two young...I am so thrilled!
They have always been one of my favorite Australian birds. Some intresting frogmouth facts are that although they look a bit like an owl they are actually more closely related to nightjars. The tawny frogmouth mates for life and when they open their wide mouth, inside of their mouth is a yellowish color that - when directed towards the moon/light, reflects the light and attracts moths. Neat! Isnt nature clever! They also make a lovely deep calm ooom-ooom-ooom noise which we have been hearing for years, without being able to spot them, so nice to finally see them. (In photo - 1 adult and 2 young ones - aawww!)

Tawny Frog Mouth

Cicadas - My daughter found her first cicada shell for this spring while on the way home from school the other day and was over the moon!
For the rest of that day she and her brother were scouring around our trees doing some serious cicada hunting.
We still have a Jar full from last year, I'm not sure why really, maybe we could stick them to a frame and spray paint them gold, it would make a different Christmas present for some lucky friend!!! Maybe not.
After the kids went to bed that night Geoffrey found this Green Grocer, too cooool! A good photo and and an old shell makes for a great show and tell, we are sorted this week.
I love the interest my kids show in nature and even though Cicadas, particularly this type, can make an almost deafening noise on some days, we think they are pretty hot.


Garden make over - Buckling down into 2 full days of work in our garden. I was putting this task in the too hard...not even going anywhere near there...basket, but I got into it big time.
We have weeded, planted cuttings struck a long time ago, generally tidied and planned how we might keep up with it this year. Great stiff but satisfied feeling coming over me. And after such a massive effort, just weeding little bits here and there don't seem so pointless.

Guitar lessons - Maeve and Geoffrey are learning the guitar together in shared lessons. Being father and daughter they are at different stages, but they encourage each other and are going so well. It is great singing to some of the songs they play. Lucy in the sky with diamonds is my favorite so far, Maeve carries a tune beautifully (I think!) and Fiann tends to belt it out with much enthusiasm but pretty much in the same key...cute! I must make a video of them.


Sore Back - Needing a hot water bottle to melt aching back after gardening like a woman possessed. There were a few times when I wondered how long it would take me to stand/walk upright again, bad back and I am so unfit at the moment.

Sun Burn - I am really 'Hot' on getting my kids to live in their sun hats and I am also 'Hot' on plying them with sun screen...but...
I do forget about myself and I am quite burnt today.
My kids now have a good illustration of why they should remain cautious outside this time of year and I have myself to blame. Silly me.

******* James Hardie - this truly 'Detestable Company' was mentioned in some body's NOT last week (I'm sorry I can't remember who) but it has sent me off on a tangent of focused rage.
Hungry Beast had a segment on this evil corporation and the damage it has done by using a product it knew for some time to be unsafe. There are good links posted there if anyone is thinking of renovating, be careful everyone, this product is everywhere in some parts of Australia.
Asbestos has not only been used in building products such as roofing and fibro walls, its dust is also found in some Hessian bags that were used to bag the nasty product then reused as underlay for carpets.
They also have the phone number of J.H. CEO if you would like to call...I bet that number has been changed pretty quickly.

I hope I get more of a chance to check out what other people are up to in next few days! Thanks for stopping by! Chele x


Aussie-waffler said...

That Cicada photo is hot, hot, hot. We love finding the empty shells and adorning our clothes with them, natures finest brooches.

V for Violet said...

Hi, I think it's really great that they are learning guitar together - that's really hot! Flossie wants an electric guitar for Christmas so it is going to be pretty noisy in our house! Although when I saw all the pretty colours, I wanted one too!! x

Jacqui said...

We haven't had any cicadas yet here in NZ, not warm enough yet! Only a matter of time though, and the cat will be bringing them in to torture and eat (or not). It really is the sound of summer :)

Claire said...

We are big Tawny Frogmouth fans in our family too. Mum and Dad occasionally get them in their gum trees and mum has a beautiful print of one over her bed.
Have to share this cute tawny chick photo with you


jo so and sew said...

Lucky you - the Yarra Valley is one of our favourite places... Cup weekend we always went to an eco-farm at Steele's Creek - sadly lost in the it was Cathedral Ranges for us this year... also very nice.

Shary Bobbins said...

I'm very jealous that you have a family of tawny frogmouths in your backyard! You must have a lot of fun watching them. I think they're just beautiful, especially their big yellow eyes. Great photo!

x Lauren

Ammie said...

Ick! My high-school was condemned for containing asbestos (and exploding electrical conduits), and still they made us go there. :( People can be cheap.

I agree, the Hot is easier to come up with. I love reading about your joy in nature, especially because I am learning about birds that are entirely new to me!

dyanna said...

What a wonderful post! I like it.
Have a nice day.

Lilli boo said...

Love the Tawny mouth frogs and the cicada's...My daughter loves stopping and listening to them and chatting about them too!!!..

James Hardie..grrrrrr..have a friend whose father has just been diagnosed with asbestos posioning of the lungs...saddens's still an ongoing fight!