Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hot and Not

It has been crazy around here lately, so many things going on...good and bad...the Perfect Hot and Not material really. If you would like to read some other peoples Hot and Not's go and visit the lovely Loobylu there is a list of us joining in. And incidentally Claire (Loobylu) has been blogging for 10 years now, she was the first ever blog I looked at and is easily one of the very best personalities on the net!! Congratulations Claire and thank you so much for sharing your sweet humor, charming creations, honesty and inspiration!


New Job
WOO hooo and YAY! I finally heard I do have the job! I am absolutely rapt! I must admit not hearing for over a week I was thinking I might have missed out! I am really looking forward to trying lots of new food, learning as much as I can about the lovely products we sell and getting back out into a non-child orientated environment for 'some' of my time...yippee!

Parcels in the post
I received my lovely package of Christmas giveaway goodies from Lisa at Lil Sonny Sky What a lovely parcel of goodies too, I feel totally spoilt and it is making me extremely very happy.
I found lots of beautiful gift tags, super special Christmas cards and some lovely hand squeegeed prints - I am really loving the Red Riding Hood with the Big Bad Wolf print. Have a look at the wolf's tie, very stylish! Thank you so much Lisa - you are very generous and clever!

Lots of treasure from Lisa

Lots of treasure from Lisa

Lots of treasure from Lisa

Present production
Getting some shower caps, lavender hearts, Christmas cards and little dresses made for Christmas...and still time for some more!


Emergency Hospital Visit
Friday we went for an urgent ride in an ambulance and had a 'sleep'? over in Hospital...Fiann had really bad croup. After some Ventolyn puffs and a number of oral steroids, thankfully his breathing was much better but, due to the medication that was now racing through his system he was right off his tiny little dial. Poor Fi was going from super cuddly to pretty disturbed and aggressive...his behaviour was so erratic and very unlike him it was really tough to witness! We went home the next day but it has taken a couple of days for everything to settle down! Pretty rough going and definitely not hot!

Our hospital bed neighbour's mum complained within ear shot about Fiann's noise while we were staying in the emergency ward! How inconsiderate and selfish is that...at least she could have been kind enough to complain somewhere private...I was uncomfortable enough without hearing we we were annoying anyone!

Have a really great week everybody! Stay calm!!!!

Oh yes...I think I might have found a theme to join in with once daily - I am thinking...photos of unusual food products and a quick low down on what they are and how to use...this will be a good way for me to learn too! Sweet. YUMMM!

Chele xx


lisa stubbs said...

Hi Chele, Congratulations on getting the job, fab news! and I'm pleased you like your Christmas prize! Sorry about Fiann, , never a good thing seeing your little ones ill, well done you for being a fab strong mum and hope Fi's feeling loads better, take care Lisax

Emjie said...

Those art packs that arrived in the mail look brilliant. It is painful when your children are unwell. There is so much you want to do, and sometimes you feel so helpless.
As for the other mother complaining - talk about ridiculous. Did someone explain to her that it was the emergency ward and not a day spa? ;)

maybenextweek said...

Hi Chele,
That's brilliant news about the job! Such a good way to go into Christmas and the New Year. And those Christmas goodies look beautiful!
xo Francesca

Redness said...

WSell done on the job, Yayyyy! Great post, cute blog too ;)

aqua said...

I will add my congrats on the job, and my sympathies for the overnighter in hossie...having had my own recent inaugural experience!

V for Violet said...

Well done on the job!! I hope you enjoy it and some time away for just you. Hope Fiann is better now, it must have been awful. Happy Holidays to you all! xx

Amy Woo said...

Oooh congrats on the job! We both got the jobs we wanted, good times!

Bad news about the hospital visit, and the subsequent complaining. But at least you are all home now and I hope your little one is feeling much better! Neither of my kids have ever had croup but I heard it can be really scary.


Claire said...

COngrats on the job! Such good news. Glad that Fiann is over the croup - it's such a scary thing and I'm sorry he reacted so badly to the medication. I had croup last year (believe it or not) and had to take steroids. I felt like a complete maniac but the house has never looked so clean.

Claire said...

Oh ! And by the way! Thank you for the lovely comments about Loobylu! And thanks for playing again tis week. xx

Sabrina said...

Congratulations on the job! I wouldn't mind at all having to sample and learn about delicious food. Enjoy!

Happydacks said...

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments and congratulations, you are all wonderful!!!
Emjie - I loved your comment about that rude woman not knowing her emergency ward from a day spa! :) Had a good giggle at that!
Chele xxx

Nora said...

Congratulations on the new job! And I'm sorry to hear about the croup, too -- that's never fun, and a bad neighbor just makes it worse!

Nikki Cardigan said...

Congrats on the job Chele. That is great news for you. Yippee! And lucky you receiving all those goodies from Lisa.

Hope you boy is getting better each day. It is so awful to have sick kids... for lots of reasons.

Carol Baicker-McKee said...

Hi Chele,
Congrats on the job! Sounds like such a good fit for you, and it sure is wonderful for everyone when mom gets a much deserved break.

Sorry to hear about croup (been there, done that way too many times) and always hard to believe the inconsiderate people in places like the ER. I always tell myself those folks are just stressed out and looking for somewhere to dump their pain and frustration, and I can be strong and patient and take it. Sort of works...

Lilli boo said...

Hi Chele, Congrats on your new job that is such a fantastic way to end the year..the hospital visits are hard, having done a two week stint with my daughter 18 months ago..isn't helped by someone's lack of empathy..Thankfully your home now and all is well..Lots to celebrate for you now...xo

Gina said...

Your hot things are pretty hot... new job, awesome package from Lisa, hurrah! But that hospital stay, I'm so sorry to hear about it. It sounded awful. It's never nice needing to take a small one into a hospital. Glad it's over.

Meg said...

Conrats on the new job, that isn't really new at all now. I hope you are loving it just as much now, though. Go you!! xx

Amy said...

Hi Chele,
Amy from sewing here. Congrats on the job! You will be awesome! Next time we're in the area, we'll pop in to see what delish things you are selling!
I've only had a quick look at your blog, but it's great!!! I love the lavendar hearts and I think I'll steal that idea from you (or from whoever you borrowed it from!) I don't think people can get too annoyed about idea sharing if the idea is simple and up on the interet for the world to see! It's generous for people to share the love I reckon!
I've been in a sewing cloud for the past 3 weeks - it's been crazy! But I made about 22 Christmas gifts that were sewn and another 20 that were baked so I've been successful! I might email you a link to my sewing photos cos only you will appreciate how far I've come!
Anyway, hope your fam is on the mend now. Not nice being sick at this time of year!
Take care and I'll definitely be back to visit your blog regularly!
Amy xo

Happydacks said...

Lovely to hear from you Amy
Hope your Christmas was the best
Well done in the making Christmas presents department
I am very impressed
I am looking forward to our classes next year - still don't know what day I can do
Please email me your photos I would love to see them
Thankyou so much for the kind words
We recovered in time to have an awesome xmas
xxxx Chele