Monday, December 14, 2009

Hot and Not

Marmalade and Lizzy model there new shower caps

I am really late with H+N this week maybe I should have waited until next Wed...Na!
I was disappointed but just secretly, I was relieved that Loobylu had not posted any last Wednesday...shh! Sorry Claire.
Simply because I did not feel strongly compelled to fling together a post in this hectic time! Everything that was piling up got 1st priority. Phew.
After H+N's was up and running the next day...I have been moving like lightning to have some free time again...


Shower caps
I have had a serious assembly line going here, producing Fancy Shower Caps for adults, kids and even their dolls. I am hoping the recipients have water proof dolls! I also did a couple of Goth/Rock'n'Roll types for the seriously fashion conscious bathers - black of course with a flashy flower pinned on. Crap photo below.
Thank you to the sewing legend Liesl for the tute found here.

Lavender Hearts
And I admit it I have blatantly copied an idea for lavender hearts I saw somewhere and cannot find again...I hope I don't make any one cross doing this but, it was just too easy and too perfect not to make some for my 95 year old nan! (and then a few others, well lots of friends)
What do you think? Am I stealing? If you can see something once and then bang it out yourself should people be getting precious about products like these? Not that they are!
Anyway I am not selling them so I hope my view is a fair one.
I would love some opinions here though.

Lavender hearts

have some lovely pieces, my favorite has to be their gorgeous butterflies made from recycled saucers. Love them! They have lovely light shades too. I found them over here.

Lucy Renshaw Rocks my world...I love her use of special scraps.

Making your own decorations These are fantastic and quick!!

Really loving my new job and the training next year sounds delicious!!!!! Really Tough hey!


Christmas illness
Everybody in my house accept me are 'still' barking like dogs. I guess the fact that I have not come down with it too is a Hot especially given my new employment. I would hate to have a sickie just yet.

The short bursts of shopping I have done were enough to put me off for life! It is crazy out there at the moment - even more crazy than usual!

Maeve dressed for dinner

I will leave you with a photo from last year's advent activities, this my eldest on the 'dress fancy for dinner night'. Sadly, there is no advent activities this year, too busy and way too tired!

I hope everyone enjoys the greatest Christmas ever with their dearest friends and family!
Bring it on now, I am ready! (nearly)

I don't think I will be back for next Wednesday, so take care and I will catch up when I can. More Hots + Nots with our hostess with the mostest - the lovely Loobylu

Cheers!!! Many Many Many times!!

Michele xxxx

EDIT - I just wanted to add a link for Beck's lavender hearts...this is where I origionally saw the idea for Lavender Hearts.
Beck is a lovely lady and I felt bad about taking her idea, and making my own (even though I was not selling them)
I contacted Beck...she was lovely about it! She has a great blog called Dandelion where you can find out where to buy the Lavender Hearts.


Claire said...

Merry Christmas Chele! I will miss you this week but I totally understand! :) Hope all your family are feeling better and you have managed to keep the dreaded lurgy away. xx

trixi said...

Love the materials you used for your lavender hearts!
P.S couldn't imagine there's any 'copying' in a lavender heart. Those hearts have been around for ages.

dyanna said...

Best wishes for 2010!
Have a nice New Years eve

Tania said...

Ah, those butterflies are SO hot. I have been coveting them ever since I spied them at Crafts Victoria. Gulp.

Hey Mrs - wishing you and yours a glorious 2010 - positively jam-packed with HOTS but not nots!

sue said...

The hearts look lovely and Beck of actually sells them. She sent me one as a gift and I made some more of them for my pillows! Yours look so nice too.

Happydacks said...

Thanks Sue, when I came across Beck (again) and realised it was her that made them... I had to ask her if she minded if I was not selling them. She, of course, was very lovely about it. The hearts are so good to make for little bonus pressies and use up all those lovely scraps you have.