Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mini Hot and Not

Shower cap 1

Shower cap 2

Loobylu invites you to feel comfy to join us over there or just to browse all the other Hot n Nots!

My HOT this week

Modeling some hand made shower caps is our very still and cooperative hobby horse. That is 2 more presents done, thank you Lisel at Hoppo Bumpo for the great tutorial here!
I have got her tute over in my side bar with a whole heap of other really great things I want to make...when I have time!

When I got a trial for the first job interview in 10+ years and was overwhelmed with the encouragement of good friends, family and blog land. The good vibes helped my confidence tremendously...even if I don't get this job, It will not feel that an interview or a trial is as bigger step again...unless I wait another 10 years until my next interview! :)


All the nervous energy pumping around because I am busting...still...to hear about the job! (either way) I just need to know where I will be and when etc....Especially because this is one Crazy time of year!

Hope everyone has a great week and is either prepared for Christmas or is blocking it out!!!
Chele xxx


lisa stubbs said...

I love the shower cap picks, good luck with the job, I've got my fingers crossed for you!:)

Nikki Cardigan said...

Thanks for the shower cap link. Great present idea.

Compliments to the horse... does a fab job of modelling the caps.

And I hope you've heard about the job. And that wither way, the confidence is still high.

TaraLee said...

Great gift idea. It's great you went for the job, and put your great qualities out there! I hope they tell you ASAP!!

Redness said...

Gorgeous caps! Hope you get the result you want ;)

the cook said...

Good luck with the job... fingers crossed for you. :)