Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sorting and giving Away

After the terrible fires in Victoria, earlier this year and after twice packing up all our precious and important things to leave our home. It became blindingly obvious to me that we had far too much stuff! So much stuff we did not use or need, just crowding and over complicating our home. Ever since then I have been transporting bags and bags to our opp shops.
It was an anxious time and it took a while after we returned to relax. A very sensible, friend had adviced me, not to rush into anything, so not wanting to regret what I gave away I took my time sorting. All my wonderful framed pictures that just about held my lounge room walls up are still stored at Geoffrey's mums house. Oh yuck and behind them the walls looked so shoddy and bare, bits of cobweb blobs hanging around and many holes from my very unprofessional slap dash picture hanging. I could not bear to live with this long so I have started hanging up my collection of scolloped, bevelled and etched mirrors. I saw this idea in a mag years ago and have always wanted to do this so now I think I will patch and paint the wall a color (cherry) and retain the mirrors.
I have also gone a bit collage crazy over our computer, sticking up b+w pictures that I find inspiration in. Some of these pictures I have had tucked away for many years. It's sort of like an inspiration board - without the board!

Cocktail Party a dress up

I went to a dress up party recently and had a great time opp shopping for it. I loved putting on a decadent amount of make up, (like in my olden days of hairdressing) and coming up with special touches, such as the Anzac Poppies, strategically placed. I did tell the party folks, on arrival, that I preformed at RSL's, hmmm... (I just like to say I mean no offence to 'Anzac Day' by wearing the poppies as I did, we all are supportive of the 'diggers' and honouring their memory)
It was pretty quickly after arriving at the cocktail party, I felt like I had taken the 'dress up' theme too seriously. But, do you know what, I didn't care really, I had enjoyed getting into the gear.
What I love in a dress up party is when people feel free to leave their 'normal' 'persona' and get creative about what/who they become. So anyway - here is my discount $7 wig (I did cut the wig hair into bob -I used to be a hairdresser you know)

P.S. If I was 'fit' and 'young' I think I would be keen to join the roller derby chicks! They look so cool.
P.P.S. Geoff has never taken so many pictures of me... flattered but....hmm!!!
Guaranteed Geoff will be more conscious of me knowing this, hanging heaps on him for this! Maybe next holiday it might appear that I was actually there with them...
P.P.P.S. Actually I am the worst for agreeing to have my photo taken!
chele x

My Lovely Nan

(Violet) Elsie 'D'

My dear nan, Elsie turned 95 years old recently and I just had to put this photo on - just because we think she is so lovely!
Born just before the start of the First World War into a family with 12 siblings.
She was one of the eldest kids and certainly, to our mind, would have had an unbelievably tough working life. A life that obviously helped to make her the strong willed, resilient woman she is.
As one of the eldest in a large family, she looked after her younger brothers and sisters, and then, around age 12 went off working on the local farms.
She is a Fantastic Nan and Great Grandmother. Mum (Nana Belle) gave Nan a lovely party!
Out of Nan's 12 siblings only 2 of her sisters are with us, My Aunty Kath and Aunty Nancy.
It was terrific that their respective family brought them down from Ararat and Melbourne to spend the the day with 'Elsie'

Our very Rascally but Wonderful little boy, Fiann also had his 3rd Birthday. How charming, humorous and incredibly talkatie our boy is. And its no surprise he is talkative because his dad, Geoffrey and I can talk the leg off a chair. The 'normal' boyish thuggery and tantrums aside, Fiann is lovely company. And his vocabulary is ever increasing, so his conversation is complete and seems to be said in a miniature voice. By miniature voice I do not mean to imply he is quiet, alas, he is as noisy as the rest of us!!

Fiann told me with a cheeky little smirk the other day that his dad was in the Goodies! So I asked him which Goodie he was, he said it was Bill. It must be the beard!