Monday, August 31, 2009

Hair today, gone tomorow

Mr Aldo Vini before his New Hair do

Our dog Mr. Aldo Vini had a quite radical hair cut last weekend ready for the warmer weather. Hmmm, maybe we did it a little early because it's really cold here at the moment. So he is being brought indoors a lot more and also now has a very special rain coat.

Little does he know but he is going in soon for the 'big op'. I was put off doing it before he was 1 year old after hearing stories of dogs having health problems caused by a lack of testosterone during their early development. But its time now and he can also be chipped at the same time.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ponys, Trains and Lurkers

Our family walked from Petty's Orchard along the Yarra River to Eltham the other day. We had a picnic at Diamond Valley Reserve where they have Pony rides and a really cool miniature railway - both $3 a pop - such great value! Even though the queue was fairly long, the wait was short - and worth it! Maeve and Fiann thought it was a fantastic thing to do, and so did I. I think I might have been the only 'adult' on the train squealing with delight as we went through the tunnels! Maybe I am a trainspotter at heart? Nah, just a big kid...

I have been reading crafty peoples wonderful blogs for years now and find it the most amazing, infinite pool of inspiration. There has been many times I have found just the right spark that has led me into a whole other craft tangent. (Which ultimately leads to more unfinished projects but, shhh, thats not important) I do finish some things...eventually! It's lovely how people share their ideas and enthusiasm with each other. And as I am discovering, 'blogging' doesn't necessarily come naturally! Which leaves me even more in awe of my blogging heroes, such a lot of work and time they put in. So far I am just a little bit of a 'fringe blogger'. Being a 'lurker' of blogs (now I know some lingo) I never commented much because I did not feel my comments were offering anything new and perceived that I would be waisting their time, Silly me! Commenting is COOL! even if it is just "Yep, I like that"
Anyway I am rambling on...

I thought I had better post a photo of my Granny a Day blankie….. almost finished!
Because it might be too long of a wait otherwise.. Bad photo too! Rats! Chele x

Play dough cup cakes

Play dough cup cakes
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Presents for baby Alexis

I have been busy making things for my great friend's first Grand Daughter. Nana Jayne is one of those lovely friends that we do not see often enough and have no real excuse except that life gets complicated and busy. Not good enough and this will change as my kids get older.
In the goodies there is a handmade card using the 'the small objects' paper doll print-out, a singlet style jump suit with a pretty bit from an old tablecloth, a tiny t-shirt with a flower from an old sheet - with matching little PJ dacks, a hanging mobile with 3 wool felt birds and a softie using Loobylu's wheat bag pattern that was in 'Frankie'.