Monday, November 30, 2009

Holding my breath...

My trial on Sunday went well...I think? Thank you so much to everyone who wished me luck, encouraged and basically helped me feel like I was not the lone ranger!
I was not half as nervous this time around...thank goodness! I felt as 'at ease' as I could have been given my long absence from the workforce, and if I do work there...I imagine that this feeling will settle down really quick. I will have a lot of learning to do if I am employed there, but I think to me (food freak) this will be more of a pleasure than work. Over all I really like (love) the place, the products are easy to be enthusiastic about and the people I met seem really nice. So now I am really squirming...busting to hear...anything either way! I do have a good feeling about this, lets hope I am right for them too?

Other exciting news I WON Lisa's cute Christmas giveaway at 'Lil Sonny Sky' Thank you so much Lisa, I can't wait to see your lovely goodies for real!!!

And for something completely different...did any one see 'Stage Beauty' on Australian telly last night? It's story is of a time in English history where women were not allowed to act on stage and instead female rolls were played by men. The main actors are brilliant and it has the wittiest humor I have seen in a period drama for a long while. The whole production is beautiful and has the most intriguing 'will they won't they scenario'! Here is a good review.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hot & Not Wednesday

Hot and Not
Participating in Claire of Loobylu's Hot + Not again...follow the link for more! Or come and join us with your own!


Job interview (BIG WOW!)
I went for my first job interview in 10+ years this morning and while feeling 'extremely very nervous', (could not resist the Lolaism) I did quite well (I believe?) and was so proud of myself. I do not know if I will get the job, but I feel chuffed that I somehow summoned the guts to put myself right out there. I have not felt tempted before by a job opportunity. I don't need it luckily, I just really WANT it so much!
This would be my dream job. It is behind the counter of one of the best specialty food shops in our area. They are closely aligned with the Slow Food Movement which, to my understanding, supports small, sustainable and humane farming methods, as well as supporting artisan produce such as fine breads. They encourage local produce, but also have some of the best products from around the world. Basically they have high ethical standards. They are cutting edge foodies - not snobby, just see food/animals as something we all should appreciate and value a lot more than our 'fast' 'supermarket' approach to food ever will!
Wish me luck! Ultimately, if I don't get the job, I will not be too disheartened. It will just make other interviews less of a hurdle!
Wish me luck though!

Dan McCarthy's series of skeleton art celebrates this amazing life of ours and other animals too. I love the sentiment in this series. It is 'respectful' of how amazing but how fleeting the natural world is. While I would like to believe in a supernatural world, I am a bit of a science/naturalist geek. I think our Planet might be better off if we did not need anything other than an appreciation of this life!


Chain letters/emails and Chain Txts
I received one recently from a good friend...and it was sent to a few people at the same instant and it said all sorts of highly sentimental things and above all hailed their connection with me...but, I must say it felt like they did not quite have time. Actually it was the least personal experience I think I have had while actually being told how valuable I am...and then it went on to suggest that I need to send this to several friends for some totally lame arse reason...I was a little bit disappointed! Please file in the too honest section!

Digs from friends
I can leave various tasks around our 'mostly hygenic' house for long periods of time before I find them top of my priorities. It's really low when a visitor points them out and says "what is going with that pile of stuff, Chele???"
How rude!

10:50 Going to comfy bed dog tired and just now joined by a barking sick 7 year old! Poor Maeve! Ahh, sleepless me!!!

Must dare myself to keep my posts shorter than this, I do like to rabbit on sometimes!
I can't wait to get around to read the other Hot & Nots!!
Take good care of yourselves!!

Chele xxx

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Finished Dress

Hand Made Dress

I had such high hopes to give some of our friends and family aged 3-8 a dress for Christmas...I really need to get moving! The fabrics I used are sheets and pillow cases from the opp shop!

simple cous-cous salad

Yummy simple Cous-cous salad - nice to make and have on hand for next couple of nights, we had ours with BBQ lamb, sage potatoes and a beetroot and rocket salad - yummm.
Ingredients - Fine chopped red onion, crumbled feta cheese, black olives pipped and torn up a little, lots of Lebanese cucumber, seeded and chopped, as much fresh mint as you can get your hands on, combine through cooked cooled cous-cous and drizzle with lemon juice, salt, pepper and olive oil. Garnished with garlic chive flowers and sprigs of mint.

Chele x

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hot and Not Wednesday

Straight into Loobylu's meme today;

Beach escape
Been lucky enough to getaway for a few days to the beach...
Perfect weather for our getaway...
Cramming in all the swimming and beach play we could...
Blairgowrie's child friendly beach-ie you have to walk miles out into the shipping lane to be submerged as an adult!
Tired kids unable to protest at bed time for more than 1 minute before falling asleep...
Nobody coming down with a nasty bug while we were away...
Free accommodation in beach house given to us by very, lovely people...So nice!


Shady Geoffrey and his hat, especially when we are relaxing on holidays - Hot!

Old caravans
A really cool old caravan at the beach house we stayed at. It has curved glass windows and very cute curtains. The inside (from memory) is all colour co-ordinated...too cute!

Kitchen sink with a view

Our home has great windows, not double glazed sadly but they are one of the best things about our house. I love being able to see the kids play and our garden (when our garden is not looking sadly neglected).
Nice big windows would definitely be a prerequisite for any house we might live in in the future. This place would do - when we win tattslotto!


Spam of any kind really is the pits but 'Viagra sales pitches' posted as comments on your blog. Funny.

No Subtitles
We have always watched movies etc from all over the world and find subtitles second nature on our screen. We really miss them when they are not used.
I think everything, especially DVDs, should always have them as an option.
Hearing impaired people must be really annoyed that this is not just a standard feature.
This leads me to how say how crappy the information and subtitles can be on 'digital TV', I think they must be having a laugh sometimes because it's absolute Gobbledygook!

It can be hard to relax sometimes with young kids, and it can even seem that when we get the opportunity to it can take a while to calm down.
It would be nice to have some more time for the grown ups is needed around here, to occasionally relieve the pressure that builds up would help us maintain a light hearted approach to parenting...maybe?
Sometimes we do put ourselves last, don't we!?

I did not get around to look at last week's Hot and Not's much - I will have more time hopefully this week! Maybe?
Why don't you join in?
It is much better than face book! (did I say that out loud?)
Chele x

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beach escape

Hi, we are back from our Blairgowrie trip.
We had a great time away but really lovely to be home.
We tried to fit in as much beach as possible over our few days and did a pretty good job!
Our bathers did not get a chance to dry while we were away...blurry photo seems to work here, after all that activity I feel a bit blurry too!

I love the tea trees at the beach, some become really twisted, this one (while not really twisted) looked lovely with the Sorrento park rotunda behind it.

Maeve on one of the unbelievable huge pines (not sure what type) at the park at Sorrento.
It is a great park for kids!

This is a shot under the Flinders Pier, we took a drive over the other side of the peninsula for some rock pool beach combing, found heaps of crabs, little fish and star fish.

Flinders pier

Had a lovely time!
We all want to get back there soon!
Chele x

Monday, November 9, 2009

Hot + Not Wednesday

Hot + Not Wednesday
Hi, I'm back again with some more for Loobylu's meme!
I have to say I have not had enough time to spend on this post - until now - and now I seem to have gone all..'DER'.
I am very hot and frazzled after this week of hot weather in Melbourne.
I'm sure I am not the lone ranger!

Kindergarten 2010
My son, Fiann and I went for a lovely morning at his New Kinder, he does not start until next year but he is SO excited, he thinks it is going to be COOOL!

Studio Beerhorst Wonder Wagon I think this is a great project, it obviously created a lot of community interest and also encouraged peoples creativity too. Looks like fun!

ArtPrize Wonder Wagon

I am not sure how old our neighbour’s calves are, but I have caught glimpses of their frolicking play a few times and it's so cute! I guess all young animals play - it's the way we learn – so why not them - but the old city girl in me was just a little surprised to see them so obviously 'on for a game'.

Our lemon tree is going off and providing lots of fruit, some of which we have made lemonade with. It is just lemon juice and sugar to taste (a fair bit), boiled up and used as cordial. We add water or soda water. Really yummy! I put some cinnamon quills in this batch - it's ok, but I will leave it out next time.

Home grown bunch of flowers
Flowers picked from our garden always make a nice impact on my day. I forgot to take a photo and after this hot weather they are looking pretty limp now...

Not -

Flies and Mosquitoes
Great time of the year, but brings all these pests with it.

Facial Hair
Oh God! I have found 1 inch length of hair growing out of my chin...Did I say that out loud? I have an epilady but sometimes (rightly so) I am afraid to use it! Deep breath...I need to be brave.

Aged Parents/grandparents
I wish we lived closer to my family. I am thinking about a time when they will be able to travel less to see us. I really think we need to move closer.

Tummy Bump
I went to the Chemist to ask about anti histamines for myself today and the nice girl in the Chemist looked and pointed at my tummy while saying 'and you are pregnant'. Jeez, I really hate that!!! I am always polite enough when this happens, although I don't know why, as it bothers me. I guess I assume they feel quite uncomfortable and know better next time.
I would never ask/presume even the most obviously pregnant woman was pregnant...even if she looked ready to pop!
It is safer that way.
Anyway, now, boy I feel pretty shite!

It seems that way sometimes!

Hope you all have a good end to your week! We are off to Beach on Friday for a couple od days...So that will be one of the Hot's on my list next week!
Take care
Chele x

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Acclimatising to the Hot weather

Bath in Backyard

We have been enjoying the weather this weekend, it's been quite hot in Melbourne and while normally we do not fare well in the heat...when we are at home grubbing around in the garden, not looking flash, it is actually really great.
Some nice friends with a trailer, made a trip to the tip/recycling depot and picked up an old bath tub for us for $10, thanks Shona and Damian! They also grabbed some for themselves too, for their garden beds - fantastic idea!
Our bath scrubbed up really well and was perfect for the kids to have a paddle in.
It just needs some drainage/hose sort of apparatus so that the water emptys directly on the part of the garden where we need it most. I already think it's better than our old blow up paddle pool and after we put some low compact growing plants around the will look ok too!
I am looking forward to a outdoor bath one hot evening this Summer too.
A friend told me of a visit he had to his friend's home in Mt Beauty, when he arrived, very tired one night, he was welcomed and directed to a bath tub set in the middle of their orchard filled with warm water with heaps of candles set up all around it, on a clear starry night, (out of the city) wow, that sure does sound nice! How special would you feel!

Aldo, Kaffir Lime and Geoff's Grandmothers Chairs

Aldo had a nice wash too!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

2 little Tawny Frogmouths

2 little Tawny Frogmouths

I am getting as many photos as possible while these birds are around -
I love them.
If you want to see more of the Tawny Frogmouth there is an amazing link Claire recommended at National Geographic, with some great photos of some outrageously cute chicks, also footage of one being hand fed.
Thanks Claire!
They are too cute!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

More Hot + Not

Hi, I'm up for another week of Wednesday - What's Hot + What's Not. Someone mentioned last week how they were finding it much easier to come up with the what's hot...and after thinking about it, I have to say I am too...that's Hot in itself!!
To see everyone Else's Hot + Not - head over to Loobylu for a look. It's not too late to join in if you want to, Claire tells you how to do it. Go on...

Tawny Frogmouths - We lucky to have four in our backyard at the moment, two adults and their two young...I am so thrilled!
They have always been one of my favorite Australian birds. Some intresting frogmouth facts are that although they look a bit like an owl they are actually more closely related to nightjars. The tawny frogmouth mates for life and when they open their wide mouth, inside of their mouth is a yellowish color that - when directed towards the moon/light, reflects the light and attracts moths. Neat! Isnt nature clever! They also make a lovely deep calm ooom-ooom-ooom noise which we have been hearing for years, without being able to spot them, so nice to finally see them. (In photo - 1 adult and 2 young ones - aawww!)

Tawny Frog Mouth

Cicadas - My daughter found her first cicada shell for this spring while on the way home from school the other day and was over the moon!
For the rest of that day she and her brother were scouring around our trees doing some serious cicada hunting.
We still have a Jar full from last year, I'm not sure why really, maybe we could stick them to a frame and spray paint them gold, it would make a different Christmas present for some lucky friend!!! Maybe not.
After the kids went to bed that night Geoffrey found this Green Grocer, too cooool! A good photo and and an old shell makes for a great show and tell, we are sorted this week.
I love the interest my kids show in nature and even though Cicadas, particularly this type, can make an almost deafening noise on some days, we think they are pretty hot.


Garden make over - Buckling down into 2 full days of work in our garden. I was putting this task in the too hard...not even going anywhere near there...basket, but I got into it big time.
We have weeded, planted cuttings struck a long time ago, generally tidied and planned how we might keep up with it this year. Great stiff but satisfied feeling coming over me. And after such a massive effort, just weeding little bits here and there don't seem so pointless.

Guitar lessons - Maeve and Geoffrey are learning the guitar together in shared lessons. Being father and daughter they are at different stages, but they encourage each other and are going so well. It is great singing to some of the songs they play. Lucy in the sky with diamonds is my favorite so far, Maeve carries a tune beautifully (I think!) and Fiann tends to belt it out with much enthusiasm but pretty much in the same key...cute! I must make a video of them.


Sore Back - Needing a hot water bottle to melt aching back after gardening like a woman possessed. There were a few times when I wondered how long it would take me to stand/walk upright again, bad back and I am so unfit at the moment.

Sun Burn - I am really 'Hot' on getting my kids to live in their sun hats and I am also 'Hot' on plying them with sun screen...but...
I do forget about myself and I am quite burnt today.
My kids now have a good illustration of why they should remain cautious outside this time of year and I have myself to blame. Silly me.

******* James Hardie - this truly 'Detestable Company' was mentioned in some body's NOT last week (I'm sorry I can't remember who) but it has sent me off on a tangent of focused rage.
Hungry Beast had a segment on this evil corporation and the damage it has done by using a product it knew for some time to be unsafe. There are good links posted there if anyone is thinking of renovating, be careful everyone, this product is everywhere in some parts of Australia.
Asbestos has not only been used in building products such as roofing and fibro walls, its dust is also found in some Hessian bags that were used to bag the nasty product then reused as underlay for carpets.
They also have the phone number of J.H. CEO if you would like to call...I bet that number has been changed pretty quickly.

I hope I get more of a chance to check out what other people are up to in next few days! Thanks for stopping by! Chele x