Sunday, January 17, 2010

Flinders street is turning 100!

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I found this great post over at Little Birdsville about the group Depot of Creative Industry banding together to use space inside Flinders street station that has been locked up and not utilized for many many years.
Parts of Flinders street station badly need repair and then after renovation a viable use.
It is a great idea and I imagine if the building was restored and accessible it could be a real attraction for Melbournians and tourists alike.
It is one of the most iconic buildings we have here in Victoria, sadly it has not been appreciated in the past and a great portion of it was demolished in the 1980's. There have been proposals over the years, a number of them described here. I do hope the ‘Depot’ succeeds, and I have signed up for any news on how they go - why don't you get involved too? All support is more than welcome I am sure! Jump on board and pass it on!

Also do have a look at -

Jenny Davies book Beyond the Fa├žade celebrating Flinders street station's 100th year, sounds great. Jenny's own grandparents met at the flinder st station ballroom and the book details the uses of this marvellous building over the decades. In its heyday, there were classrooms, a gymnasium, billiards room, libraries, games room and a lecture hall/ballroom. It would be fantastic for this building to be restored, and again offering these important recreational/public activities. It would be socially more valuable than just turning it into just another large shopping centre!

Thanks for reading!
Michele x
P.S. Counting down the days untill school/kinder starts again!


Cherie said...

WOW Chele thanks for Depot of Creative Arts ... I've signed up interested to see if they can pull this totally brilliant idea off! Yep Dudecraft is excellent. Love your blog ;)

Miss Prudence said...

Thanks for this news, I agree with you...Let's not hope it become prestigious something or other or worse a food hall....thanks for popping into my bog :)