Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hi from all of us,
I hope your holidays are full of lots fun and some relaxation!!??
Here are photos of some of our wonderful bike rides lately.
I am absolutely exhausted tonight as it was an extra big ride today!
We loved it so much though!

Cyclist supreme

Along the Warburton trail are really wonderful views, it is the perfect incentive for me to exercise...and I really, really need that!

Warburton Trail

Boy do I have a sore Butt though! Today Maeve and I covered 22 + kms! I think that is outrageous, 1 - because it sounds like a lot and 2 - because it did not feel like it!!

One of the many bridges on the Warburton trail

It is a fairly cruisy ride, not many hills to challenge us too much and with drinks and munchies along the way it was like a travelling picnic.

Cute old shed

Maeve would go again right now if she could - healthy, crazy or hyperactive...I am not sure which! Good on her though!

As we were riding Maeve was pondering many ways in which she could drink eat and sleep on the trail...definitely a Obsessive Compulsive. Good stuff!

Warburton - Yarra river

What a champion performance for a 7 year old! Such energy!

River dip

We had a couple of paddles along the way in the little Yarra and the Yarra River, just perfect as it was quite warm (the weather - not the water)

Love to you all!

Michele xx

P.S. If you are like me and need to trim bits...and you have an slight inkling to ride a it - it is so great!
It does not have to be an uphill ride to make a difference and really it is just so enjoyable surrounding yourself in nature and cycling.


beck said...

Great post Michelle! Love the photo's and I can't believe your 7 year old is such an amazing bike rider! What a superstar. I used to love riding but unfortunately Daylesfords hills have put me off. Maybe I need to find some less challenging tracks and get fit too! I'm sure my Bill (8) would get into it. Thanks for popping by my blog recently & no worries re the Love Hearts. Hope your gran liked hers xo

lisa stubbs said...

Sounds wonderful well done you!

trixi said...

Wow, A 22+ km bike ride, I'm SO impressed! Warburton looks beautiful and I love the idea of a travelling picnic.

Many A Mickle said...

Here in the UK, everywhere is covered in snow so I'm drooling over these beautiful pictures. I'm trying to remember what it feels like to be in the sun. We can barely walk down our road, let alone cycle!

Sabrina said...

Oh I do love riding! Aside from a nice long ride last year, I hadn't been for years and years. It's always a challenge to get out there when there are very little ones involved, as I don't own bike carrier for them. But the big kids love to ride.

Beautiful pictures!