Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I need this like...

Meet me at Mikes is full to the brim with inspiration! There is much wit and down to earth advice, heaps o great links, yummy recipes and also super crafty encouragement.
But, today I followed Pip's link to Looklet.
Curse it! As she says, she is a bad influence...but she is grown up about it and can say sorry!
Bad, Naughty Pip!
Looklet is like dress ups for grown ups - it is pretty fun!
Have a go, and curse her too, I dare you!

If I was trim, I would be dressing in this original ensemble, don't laugh, I am serious!
Michele x


Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

By crikey, if blogging wasn't already the black hole of time ... this is evil! But I LOVE IT.

I hope one day we see you - right here on this blog - all dressed up in your ensemble.

Happydacks said...

Hey You made it back home

Yes It is a black hole alright
blogging is the densest mass from which none of us can escape
Insert Maniacal laughter here

it is fun but

Michele xx

Miss Prudence said...

Ditto you ! Oooh what we could wear if we were trim!!!

lisa stubbs said...

I'm not laughing I bet you'd rock that look perfectly!

ninon said...

hello, nice thingsh out here! Oh, Pip is really one of the cleverEST blogging girls out there! I love meet me at mikes!

thank you for your nice comments on mine, sure I am happy if you want to use some pictures :)


Happydacks said...

Big sigh Pru, that extra weight is a Bitch!

Thanks Lisa, I would love to 'Rock the Party' with that gear, might be a little scary at the moment though!!

Ninon! You are one of these cleverEST people too, thanks for the kind permission to post some pics!
P.S. I love your balaclava, neck warmer!

Michele xx