Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Very Happy Healthy 2010 to You!

Bike riding near Kilara (warby trail)

I hope everyone had the greatest Christmas ever
and have all eased, gently into your New Year
if you did have a bash and thumped into 2010 head on, that you have recovered really well by now!

We had a lovely Christmas and a very laid back, quiet New Year, it was just right for us this year. Apart from missing a couple of dear friends who were otherwise 'hectically' busy - big hugs to Michael and Phil!
My 95 yr old Nan had such a special time, surrounded by people who love her dearly, it was just so lovely to see her happy on Christmas day. Some of her Christmases past she has had an ass of a relative show up...seemingly just to upset her! So the fact that this year he kept to himself made everyone relax and be very thankful. Having 'issues' with your 95 year old mum is SO very wrong! Poor Ronny, I hope he can make amends before she is gone!

We have all really been enjoying bike riding again.
Geoff got a new bike this year for Christmas...isn't Santa the best.
And Fiann, AKA Mr. Couch potato, even though is still on his training wheels peddled for an hour plus the other day...very happily...magic! Miss Maeve is our biggest devotee and even after impressive stints of 3 + hours riding, she is always keen to go again...almost straight away. In fact, she NAGS me to go for another ride! You've Gotta Love That! I do have the cycling bug too...but I also have an older 'butt' and realize that after 3 + hours there is a risk of losing all feeling in my legs if I keep going, I think I need to get a gel seat!

In 2010 I will be looking forward to lots more bike riding, catching up with good friends, acquiring more sewing skills, enjoying my new job, making more friends both where I live and in blog land and being WAY more organized...fingers crossed!

Lots of love to you all!
Chele xx


Liesl (Hoppo Bumpo) said...

Wishing you a really wonderful new year Chele. I'm looking forward to seeing what you will be sewing this year (I'd be guessing you are a wee bit sick of shower caps by now!!!!)

Health, happiness and laughs to you and your family.

Liesl x

Thea said...

I'm impressed that you could even ride for 3+ hours, I sure couldn't. Have a great new year! x

trixi said...

Happy new year Chele! I used to always say I'm going to be more organized but it never seems to work. So I've given up and just "enjoy' being unorganized!...sort of.

lisa stubbs said...

Happy new year Chele! hope it's happy and healthy!

Together We Save said...

Hope you have a wonderful year... all that bike riding, I am impressed.

Happydacks said...

I am so impressed with my kids! But as far as I go...traveling along beside someone on training wheels is more stopping than starting - not much exercise yet! Maeve does really give me a run for my money when it is just us riding though, we can go up some hills together!! Thanks for the lovely comments!
Michele xx

Kylie said...

Happy New Year Chele, I just bought a bike and I can fully attest to the necessary aquisition of a gel seat!!!! My bum is not as tough as it was when I was a kid,Lol. Happy bike riding.