Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy 1st term

The first works from Kinder

I am really glad how this new year is starting off, Maeve has started grade 2 and Fiann, my youngest, started Kinder today - mixed feelings there for sure but the main one is Woohoo! I just can't wait to experience what life will be like with both kids at school in 2 years time!? I hope I might be getting more done and feeling less hassled?? There is a very funny post over here about kids starting school and giving a mother some peace...Shazza always tells it like it is!

Work is really great, I love it so much...I am feeling less like a newbie...I wish I was there more often though...that's pretty good...possibly a bit weird for a JOB!

Off to Kinder

I know its well into the new year but, i though this is too funny to wait till next year. Sketchy Santas is a bad laugh!!!
I like the ones that Little Birdsvilles picked out, they are extremely Funny and very wrong in so many ways!
Happy 1st term!!
Michele x


polly pratt said...

Great photo`s.
Thanks for dropping by, i`ll be at the northside makers market High st Northcote on Saturday and i also sell at the olive grove 159 Sydney ed Brunswick.
At the moment i have a few odd sizes and prints left at $100 . They are normally $150 i should have new prints out by the end of the month ,but i`m still waiting to hear when they are arriving.

Anonymous said...

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Miss Prudence said...

Oh Happydacks! I am finally recovered enough from hysterical laughter to write this - thanks for Sketchy Santa.

Yes this week has been one of the happiest for me too! Yay they all have day schedules again that I didn't have to plan and therefore I am not held responsible for rubbish days!!! heh heh heh...I love teachers that impose mean tasks, I then look pretty good.

What is your new job Michele?
Enjoy some crafting time - I am looking for my mojo, can't get into anything at the moment.

Tania said...

Yay for routine! Never, ever thought those words would be typed from my fingers. Ha!