Monday, February 8, 2010

Recycling and Refashioning

Fiann in his Happy Dacks

I have been ordering some books from library on re purposing old clothes etc and gathering inspiration from far and wide with mind to recreating my own clothes from second hand finds. I am not getting much done yet myself but, I am storing ideas away like a squirrel with eyes much bigger than its belly!
Above photo is a pair of "happydacks" I made using an old tea towel and some nice scraps, the top was an dirt cheap oppy buy that had a picture that had seen better day so I appliqu├ęd it with matching fabric.

I really enjoyed Dotti Angel's interview with Jane Schouten.
I love both these girls mix match style! Jane's web page is Alltheluckintheworld
Be sure to browse around Dotti Angel too, she is extremely clever and her posts are very entertaining. A very clever so and so!

I am also love this idea from Outsapop at Cut out and Keep, using plastic bags to cut out a design or font and pretty much ironing it on...WOW! This is a revelation to me and I will definitely try one out soon. Well that's the plan...
And can't wait to get hold of Handmade Nation.
Faythe Levine interview and the sneak peak of her home over at Design Sponge. I am busting to see her documentary but alas, my library doesn't seem to have it yet...sigh!

Below is a preview of Handmade Nation - looks inspirational! Have you seen it?

Design Sponge is another fantastic place to visit if you have not been there before, I love the diy section on this site and the sneak peeks into artists/designers homes - my faves are; 'Somethings hiding in there', 'Rinne Allen', 'Elsita Mora' and of course 'Faythe Levine'.


Miss Prudence said...

These are deleriously happy dacks!
Love them...great idea remaking and repurposing clothes. My skill set is not developed enough yet to get that carried away.
Wow, this doco looks great!

Nikki Cardigan said...

Awesome refashion Chele. Can't believe that was a teatowel. It is way cooler as happydacks. And great idea to use fabrics that match to make an old top new again. I hope this is the start of many refashioning successes!