Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crafting frenzy

Loobylu's wheat bag

I made Loobylu's sweet wheat bag for Maeve's friends birthday tommorow and then found I liked it so much I did not want to give it I made another one. Of course, I had too.
The back is the same fabric as the arms (an op shop find) and is modified to have a similar opening to a pillow case for a seperate loose wheat bag. The pattern is in Pip's Meet Me at Mikes book.

Loobylu's wheat bag

March10 095

March10 096

March10 094

I have also been busy making some Easter presents using a "myrtle and Eunice" pattern. Tania's pattern is free to use but do not sell these softies! Here is a link to the Chickummyjig

March10 103

Now, just because he is so cute, here is another photo of the lovely Aldo, freshly bathed...Awwwe!
Have you ever thought of getting a Lagotto?

Bathed and beautiful - Aldo


Lilli boo said...

Loving your work with the wheat bags...great inpsiration and especially love your Easter crafting too...

lisa stubbs said...

Aw sooo cute all of them!!! especially Aldo :)

trixi said...

Love the materials you've used for the wheat bag and the birdies bodies...and Aldo too of course

Sabrina said...

Love your fun, funky creatures! I need a crafty frenzy here...I just need to figure out how to find the time.

Emjie said...

These dolls are gorgeous. I especially like the blue colour combo.

By the way, thanks for leaving a lovely comment.

Miss Prudence said...

I just made a wheat bag too, but yours put mine to shame!! LOL, these are awesome! LOVE all your crafts and Aldo too! A Lagotto you say? We have a Cavoodle who is a very nice chap...I love Aldo's snozz!
Keep on crafting, you are on a roll! Go happy go!

juznie said...

This post is just full of cute! Lovely wheatbags, I wouldn't want to give them away too :)