Friday, March 12, 2010


My youngest is loving his kindergarten, here is Fi at Kinder's Crazy hair Day.
Fi with Crazy hair and a dare devil look in his eyes!

I've been bike ride along the O'Shannasy Aqueduct again - too good!
Although... my friend Cath talked me into riding...ah...walking up from main street Warburton. I am pretty unfit and it was quite tough!
But, it was dead easy once we got there and so beautiful it was well worth it.
Here is me nearly passing out! I'm Serious!!

And here is Cath - aka "Dick Dastardly socks" with the speed stripes.
You won't talk me into that hill again in a hurry Cath!!
O' Shannassy Aqueduct was really fun!
Lets go again!!
xx chele


trixi said...

LOVE the hair! You must be getting pretty fit with all that bike riding.

Happydacks said...

I thought I was Trixi, untill I tried riding up the hill from Warburton to the aqueduct!! I am much fitter than I have been for several years after kids though!