Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How to make a Cute Bunny Easter Egg Cosy

How to make a Cute Quick Bunny Easter Egg Cosy

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Cut 1 x face, 2 x head/body, 4 x ears and 1 nose

Firstly, either iron on and/or sew on face
Sew on nose and free style a cute bunny face…don’t
forget the twitchy whiskers!
Sew ears right sides together then turn right
way and iron (eeew) I folded the ears in half
and stitched a little to encourage them to stand up!
Sew a crumpled up bit of lace on
the back piece for a cheeky little tail.
Place ears on face in roughly the positions shown
in diagram. Then put the back on top right
sides facing together. Sew around the curved line
keeping the ears in position.
I also zig zag to give it extra strength.
To save time I have also gone for the easy
zig zag around finish around the open end.
You could always cut body pieces a little longer
and hem for a neater look.

How to make a Easter bBunny egg cosy

I used an old wool jumper for the body (mine was not felted but that would work well) a bit of felt for the nose, 1 inch bunched up bit of lace for the tail and an op shop table cloth for the ears.
Now I just need to get some little egg cups before Easter.
Let me know if you make some...
xx Michele

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trixi said...

Really cute little bunnies! I like the material you've used for their ears, is it vintage? It reminds me of one I have from the 60's. You really are having a crafting frenzy!

Happydacks said...

Thanks guys for the comments xx Trixi, the bunnys ears were made from a groovy vintage table cloth I have had stashed away forever!

sue said...

They are adorable!