Friday, April 30, 2010

Catching up on some couch craft!!!

Scarf on the way

Maeve and I are all snuggled up on the couch today, watching movies, doing our knitting/embroidery and keeping nice and warm. I have been throwing together all the wool from my stash that in are shades of grey and black, to make a scarf. It is all mostly 8 ply but, some are thicker and some are even fluffy, I am using it all regardless.
Maeve is working on an embroidery pattern by Andrea Zuill, it is a cute little Gnome, it is a free pattern and is found over here. Andrea's blog is Badbirds, I really love her DOOM GIRLS, go check them out.
I wondered why I have been feeling SO incredibly tired and generally crap from time to time lately...after I finally went to the doctor and stopped just talking about going to the seems I have bronchitis.
Oh wow! I had no idea. I guess, in comparison, I will feel much better soon!
Michele x
P.S. Geoff took Maeve to the doctor this morning for a visit and thankfully she only has a cold...not bronchitis...phew! We missed school photos today though...SAD!

Maeve snuggled up with some embroidery

Andrea Zuill free embroidery pattern


Miss Prudence said...

Hey that scarf looks good, I am doing one quite similar at the moment, but i love your colours better!
Toenails look pretty good too! I have a nail polish that wold match your scarf heheh

Cindy said...

I am big on the couch craft at the moment. That embroider is so sweet! Hope the patient is feeling better

Tania said...

Couch craft is the only way to go. It's touch and go whether the sewing machine will ever see the light of day again. In the meanwhile, that embroidery is heartmeltingly (in a grumpy way) GORGEOUS!

Sabrina said...

That is one adorable gnome! I need some more time for "couch craft" combined with a movie. What bliss!