Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter in Echuca

Our family had a great holiday with some fantastic friends in Echuca this Easter...we did not want to leave! Holidays always go too fast!
Echuca fire works Easter 2010
We went for a ride on the Pride of the Murray and saw some amazing old paddle boats that are being brought back to their former glory.

The scenery was both beautiful and environmentally telling.

The Easter Bunny's chocolate was found and almost consumed before breakfast...that afternoon was a little touch and go.
Fiann, Wednesday and Maeve
Sandy Camp, the place we stayed was most comfortable and we had everything we needed and the sunsets were truly gorgeous.
I hope you all had a wonderful break too.
April10 046


Miss Prudence said...

Is that you and your partner and gorgeous girl Chele?
These photos are amazing, glad you had such a great time over Easter adn how spooky are those trees?

Happydacks said...

The first photo is of our great friends Trish, John an Wednesday. (from Sydney) Great to share holidays!
I too am spooked and freaked out by thoses tree roots clinging onto their last years/days on the banks of the Murray...I wonder how it looked when it was a healthy river? xx Must have been sensational!!

lisa stubbs said...

Oh it all looks and sounds wonderful!, that last photo is stunning!
Thanks for your comment about your lamp shade can't wait to see how it looks to inspire me:)