Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lavender Hearts are lovely...especially Beck's

Lavender Heart
I must have seen Dandelion's beautiful lavender hearts quite a while ago now, and I had made a mental note to myself to make some for my dear nan.
By the time I actually made some for my Nan (and some friends) last Xmas I had completely forgotten where I had originally seen the idea.
It was a weird feeling, I felt like I was stealing, even though I was not selling them but this is my post at that time.
When I came Beck's Dandelion blog again, I realized it must have been here that I had seen the hearts, and I contacted Beck to apologize. She, of course, was very gracious about it! It made me feel much better! Since contacting Beck, I feel fine about running them off for gifts now, but, personaly I would choose not to sell them myself.(and mine are not half as nice either)
But, I hope people will respect my honesty here, and that you do not mind me saying, the lavender heart idea is similar I think to something like bunting...I wonder if the first person to make bunting is still feeling ripped off by us all for rattling some off ourselves.

With much respect to Beck at Dandelion and also to you all
Michele xx (aka Happydacks)

P.S. I did suggest to Beck that she should seriously go after anyone trying to emulate her sweet bunnies though!!!


Kate said...

This is such an interesting argument. When I put a picture of something I've made on my blog I often wonder how I would feel if I came accross the same thing on another blog or for sale in a shop. But on the other hand I must be getting my inspiration from somewhere too. I respect your honesty and of course Beck was gorgeous and generous because that's who she is.

Miss Prudence said...

I know this is how we feel when we think we have discovered something. I was once, in a previous life - a window dresser from the days when we actually made our props and fashioned amazing things out of linen between seasons just on sale time and stock was too low to place in windows....whilst in this role I was taught by old timers to relax as "nothing" is new when another store "stole" my window design. Depending on how mortified I was, someone might pull out a portfolio or european mag that i had never clapped eyes on yet, there was MY design.

Point, no matter how clever we think we are as crafters, there have been generations of clever crafters who HAD to craft in order to have clothes, presents, homewares because their weren't shops or mass produced items. So I am kind of thinking bunting might of dated back to medievil times and I am sure she would be rapt that it caught on! And isn't impersonation a great form of flattery?

Gina said...

Gee this can be a tough area. Because really, there is nothing new under the sun when it comes to craft! and yet many crafters (I'm not talking about Beck here! just generally) reinvent the wheel with patterns or products then try to corner the market on things that have been made for generations and get miffed if they see others doing similar things. First- I think if you don't sell then you can make whatever the heck you like and imitate whatever you like for personal use! Second, I think it's right to acknowledge the source of inspiration as you did with Beck... right for relationships, and to point would-be buyers etc to the source. Third, I think that if people truly wish to protect certain items from imitation they are unwise to show images of them on the web... And those are my thoughts on the matter. It's something I've thought a lot about as a non-selling crafter, yet still feel there could be more clarity on...

beck said...

Thanks for this thought provoking & honest post. I remember when you told me of the hearts you had made, and by the way they are excellent hearts and just as good as mine!! I find this whole discussion of ideas interesting & certainly no one really can own an idea. We are all influenced by others and this is the beauty of creating. I have no problem with you, or anyone else, being inspired by something I have made but I appreicated you contacting me anyway. Go forth Love Hearts! Multiply!! But seriously, I do think it's so good to have an ongoing discussion about ideas, surely there enough for us all to share xo

Happydacks said...

Thank you all for your comments and reassurance, you guys are the best xxx