Friday, May 7, 2010

Artificial Enhancement

I am not a super house keeper nor do I feel I need to be but some things pile up so high around here I feel like running away or sticking my head in the sand!! I just like to feel like time is my friend and I can achieve things...
After being put on antibiotics for bronchitis, and not really feeling any better, I have been put on a course of Steroids and although they don't make me feel too well either – yet – they are certainly pepping me up! I have been buzzing around being ridiculously obsessive and productive! Good stuff! Not that I am suggesting this seriously but, it had crossed my mind that maybe I need these more often. I know that would be pretty wrong!
Looking at the initial effect without care of repercussions though, it has been pretty darn good so far. Firstly I have been crafting my heart out and getting more projects organised and I have got right on top of heaps of shitty niggling domestic jobs and been multi-skilling my arse off really. I am literally speeding through my house far, but, while I am riding this rush of medication induced adrenaline and going like hell, I know that there is a crunch coming. I have not been able to shut down for a couple of days and this cannot be the end of this course of medication I should feel a lot better I hope, even so I will be absolutely exhausted!

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CurlyPops said...

I know exactly what you mean - if only the you could keep the ups without the rest of the nasty side effects of the steriods!