Monday, May 10, 2010

A Bow Tie or two for starters!

Elsie Marley has started a group of us here for the a "Kid's Clothing Week Challenge" So for the next week we will spend 1 hour (or more) sewing things for kids. I am looking forward to seeing whats going on!
Some Bow ties and a thrifted shirt!
I have been researching the basic shape of a bow tie and making up a couple of patterns to fit a 4 year old boy, they were going really well...apart having to chase my model around and bribe him to keep still...It is not so easy to tigh a bow tie! After a couple of trys I didtched that idea and went for a pattern with a velcro back! Found at A Lemon Squeezy Home and it goes on in 2 seconds! Brilliant! Easy! 2 Done!
Oh mum!

For my next trick I will be attempting to make a 'groovy a skirt' for my 7 year old, using only part of some old lined curtains, a few odd bits and a chocolate bar!

Are you up-cycling? Let me know, I would love to visit?
Now lets see what others are up to in the flickr photo pool - here!
Michele x

P.S. If anyone is looking for a whole heap of resources and inspiration - Liesl of Hoppo Bumpo has an amalgamation of some links to her favourite sewing websites...all in the one spot! It must have taken ages to compile! There is endless advice and inspiration, not just for the serious sewer, its for people like me too - wanting some simple ideas and clever short cuts - Makes it easier to maximise your time!


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lisa stubbs said...

Oh that photo of your little boy is ace! my Sonny would be the same it takes me long enough chasing him around to get dressed on a morning! he thinks it's hilarious to put his undercrackers on his head and run round the house!

Christie said...

How very fun to open up the Elise Marley flickr group and see a bow tie and then go to your blog and see that it's my tutorial! Love the bow tie! Yea! I seriously just love love love when people use my tutorials. Turned out so cute! I'm excited to participate in this week:). Have a great day!

Happydacks said...

How fantastic Christie, thats so fantastic! I was going to head over to tutorial and link with you but, you have beaten me!
Thats wonderful! Very funny! xx
Going to pop over and see what you are up to!

shisomama said...

i love the bow tie, and i love the expression on your son's face even more! i love bow ties in general. i keep hinting to my husband that he really needs to incorporate some into his wardrobe, but he has steadfastly ignored my hinting.

Miss Prudence said...

SNAZZZY or what! And he is sooooooo cute.