Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chef's Hat

Chefs hat

Inspired by the Kid's Clothing Challenge again today (day 3) I made this spiffy 'white?' Chef's hat, especially for my little food freak's upcoming Birthday. It came together really well considering, typical of me - I read the pattern well into process, athough it is sensibly advised by the author to "read first". Der!
I do this with recipes too, it adds a surprise, like "oh god you are meant to have this ingredient" or in my case today, bias binding! So I used narrow bias instead - I still love it! Should I say that?

I have looked at a few tutorials for these 'adjustable chef's hats' that look really good - I used Curly Pops well photographed tutorial here - hers are really jazzy with some lovely fabrics and trim.
Thank you to Cam for sharing this with people...I am sure these will be a real hit for other people's presents around here too! I also 'free hand - machine styled' Fiann's name on the band - twas fun! I also drew/made an invitation to the aforementioned Birthday party out of paper and felt - now I've just to photograph and run off enough on card to send friends. I am very happy with today's work. Next week might be different...I couldn't possibly keep this up - maybe this is still influencing me?

I hope everyone else is still going strong!
Kids Clothing Challenge group photos here and the inspiration her!
Michele x

Chefs hat for the birthday boy and Invitations nearly ready


CurlyPops said...

Oh wow, I love the free motion stitching of Fiann - that is super cool!

m.e (Cathie) said...

that is so very cool!!
Cam was so very nice & made one for Amelie which she absolutely loves.
great gift

Many A Mickle said...

That is going to be a great party! Lucky Fiann.

Miss Prudence said...

this is wonderful. I found a pattern from a "you can sew this" (US) a few years ago, but I am pathetic and cannot enlarge patterns, I need pre cut ones!

Love the birthday invite - what a great idea!
Go happy! The creations are just flowing in!