Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Curtain Skirt (with matching re-fashion top + pants)

New skirt from old curtains

As promised here is a 'groovy a skirt', using only part of some old lined curtains and  a few odd bits...I resisted the chocolate bar! I liked the print on this curtain and the idea of taking something so (I think) obviously not skirt material. I can just see the rattan couches that were in everyone’s houses when this fabric was 'In'. All I have done really is thread the elastic through the existing top band, added some ribbon and ruffle around the bottom of skirt and also a little pocket. Then appliqued a few lace flowers from...yep...another old curtain! I might add some lace flowers to a denim jacket now to complete the ensemble!

Whether or not you are in this challenge, don't forget to check out the Kid's Clothing Challenge" flickr pool.
Thanks very much to Meg, the "not so LazyMarley' of Elsie Marley for organising this fun group!
Michele x

Curtain detail

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Miss Prudence said...

This is so cute, she looks adorable! great repurposing too.