Friday, May 14, 2010

A day to regroup!

The kid's clothing challenge has been such an enjoyable experience, it is just the right sort of encouragment and it is going strong here!
It's been good medicine - even with health still dodgy, it has sent my motivation sky high!
I have slowed sewing productivity today though and am taking a big breath...the material was stacking up all over the place here and threatened all sorts of dire consequences. It takes precious time to sort but, it is well worth it because I am thrilled with what lost treasure I have found during this totally shit chore!
A few more ideas come back to the floor. I should make a list before I mess things right up again!
Stuck for now
I started a couple of things today -
I tried to get my mind around making a vest from an old blankie - as I was totally inspired recently by this very clever dress  made by Foxes Lane. Working with a blanket is so fun, when it is felted, it does not fray and you can leave edges raw, need I say more, what exciting possibilities! Ultimately, I am not sure if I can pull this blankie vest off, but I will enjoy trying, and use what I learn in future projects!
My main aim for tomorrow is to get on with the Little House on the Prairie style night gown...everything is cut out and ready for when my brain comes back online. I love these nighties, I would make one for myself but I fear that Melbourne day trippers might try and set up camp.
Now for a hot water bottle and some deliciously wicked comfort food!
Back into it all fresh tomorrow! Fingers crossed!
Michele x
Sewing room tidy!


Kate said...

Thanks so much for the shout out, I'm so pleased you liked the dress. Your sewing room looks like one gorgeous and inspiring place to sit and sew. Hope you feel better soon. X

Miss Prudence said...

yes where are those nighties! I am doing a summer version now.

Love your creative space