Saturday, May 1, 2010

Kids Clothes Week Challenge

I have joined in Elsie Marley's Kids Clothes Week Challenge...It starts the second week in May and involves sewing kids clothing (or accessories) for 1 hour every day in the second week of May.
I am a little nervous I will be up for this...but I am keen and have lots of projects that fit the criteria!
Pop over and see the rules (they are pretty easy going) If you decide to join the challenge - add one of the cute buttons to your blog...and I will see you there!


mon ami said...

Yeah, glad to find another participant. I look forward to seeing what you make next week already?? I have to get my fabric and patterns ready!

lisa stubbs said...

good luck with the challenge, and thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, I do appreciate your feed back, so big thanks :)

Miss Prudence said...

good luck! How are you going to find the time?!
I'll have to start calling you mega happydacks! LOL

Look forward to seeing what you make!