Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sunshiny feeling and Op Shopping, my favorites

These are a few of my favorite op shop finds
The lovely Miss Prudence has awarded me a Sunshine Blogging Award. I am so flattered that I was one of the bloggers she chose to give this to, thank you for your lovely encouragement and thoughtful comments Miss Prudence, you are very sweet.
As part of accepting the award, I need to pass it on to 12 bloggers I find inspiration from...

Now I know I am kind of cheating a little here inasmuch as I am only nominating 1 single blog...but with nearly 100 contributors...
I award the Sunshine award to -
With posts about Op shopping around Melbourne, lists of addresses and even maps showing where the op shops are, I really love what a great resource they are creating. Their enthusiasm is contagious and I just think they are really nice to take the time and share.
With nearly 100 contributors, I do not expect that all these people can reciprocate but just want them (and any readers) to know why this is a great blog and get behind it!

Here are 12 very good reasons why Op shopping in general is inspirational
to me, and why 'I Op Therefore I Am' inspires me (and hopefully you) to buy 2nd hand when we can. We might not always appreciate/agree with just what other people see in their own purchases; but that is not the point, therein begins the honing of 'your own' individuality. Viva la Difference!

1. Assisting charitable organisations - they give a lot of support to people who are experiencing tough times.

2. Recycling is very important. Our self-centered western culture is ‘renowned for its waste’- it is much more than embarrassing.
Using and reusing what we can is one of the basic steps to becoming a responsible culture that is aware it is 'spoilt' and works hard to be innovative and really value things, rather than just throwing stuff out!

3. Treasure from Trash - trash can definitely be another’s treasure. The things I see thrown out for rubbish collection makes me feel quite ill, if it can't go to the op shop surely it must be useful at a recycling depot.

4. Saving money is great. I love the feeling when you can get something for $1 when it sells brand spanking new for an arm and a leg more!

5. Shopping buzz - I am not out shopping much and although I feel I am quite controlled/acceptedly limited when it comes to purchasing, you can get that ‘let's splurge’ type of buzz at the op shop. How many items can you buy for $5 feels a little wrong sometimes!

6. Memories - I love the retro/kitsch gear. The memories that some of the items can bring back to you can touch you see something that you had when you were a youngster is like stepping back into your childhood.

7. Upcycling - is something that can transform a crappy piece of furniture, clothing, “anything”, into something more-than-acceptable and looking as good as something you might pay a lot of money for. See some of the 'before and after' at Design Sponge for inspiration!

8. Truly Fair/Fair trade - Buying second hand helps avoid supporting the world's greedy, dishonest clothing and footwear companies that turn to poor countries to supply them for next to nothing while they turn high profits.

9. Cheap experimentation - Being free to take something you paid very little for and attempting to refashion it, and making something that turns out to be a real flop!

10. Saving money - Did I mention how much we save at op shops?! I think I did, but it is worth mentioning again. Kids clothing is a great example of how fickle it is to spend big money on something that your fast growing child might wear 3 -10 times top before they have grown out of it. One of my most loved op shop buys to date is a pair of what I call ‘kicker boots’. They looked like little red Doc Martins and I bought them a tiny bit scuffed (semi punked). My daughter wore them when she was son, at 2-3 (bigger feet). I paid $1. I will keep these forever now...I love them so much.

11. The enthusiasm - the people who post their finds on “I Op Therefore I am” is contagious...I love hearing about bargains and seeing photos of their goodies! If you like that sort of thing there is a group of bloggers at Her Library Adventures posting their amasing finds once a week, I have to admit, it does give me a thrill...did I say that out loud?

12. Sustainable lifestyle - If you need anything...chances are you will find it and for very little indeed with the satisfaction that you are not adding to our already oversized carbon footprint.

* An Extra Bonus Reason!

13. Individualism - This can be a rare quality in the shopping mall mainstream, people are encouraged to forget how to be creative fashion wise and they give up their very own imagination to the constant suggestions of the popular culture...Boring! It is fun to find your own style without being manipulated and clone like. Have confidence with your own choices!

So I hope all the contributors feel nice and really Sunshiny about what they are doing over at 'I Op Therefore I am'...because I think it is a great site!
There are op shop tours being organised and don't forget the maps...I promised a long while ago I would contribute some information to the site and am going to make an effort to get my area into their system, maybe you could too?

Michele x
Happy Bargain Hunting!
P.S. Thanks again Miss Prudence, have a great weekend!


Sabrina said...

Oh my gosh...I just love second hand goodies for so many of the reasons you listed. So many of the things we own have a history. I love that. I often find these items with a checkered past to be so much more beautiful and intriguing. Thanks for sharing your finds!

trixi said...

What a great blog...I definitely need to visit Melbourne now.

Miss Prudence said...

Ah, you are a girl for my own heart! What a wonderful response! mmmwah!

ps Well done Chele! Trixi won't leave the beach for anyone, except maybe enchanting european locations such as Vienna!

Poppy said...

Hi Michele,
I couldn't agree more with the award and your sentiments regarding the benefits of op-shopping.