Monday, June 7, 2010

Birthday Celebrations for Elsie and Fiann with a Sugar rush on top!

Happy 96th Birthday Nan (Elsie) We love you dearly!!!
Elsie is 96!!!
We have been celebrating Fiann's birthday for well over a week now, we started with a combined family do for my nan, who just turned 96! She was going to miss Fi's birthday party so we had a celebration for both of them together a week ago. 
Then this week we had his party at a lovely local bakery, everyone got to decorate some biscuits with 'tons' of icing sugar in every color of the rainbow and truck loads of lollies and sprinkles!
It was great fun and there were sticky fingers everywhere! We are only just calming down after the 'sugar rush'...we do not have much sugary food normally and it was pretty obvious the effect that too many lollies has on kids, there has been some pretty tense times around here. My two kids have been melting down at the drop of a hat! 
Apron and chefs hat

Fiann's Birthday cake
I hope you are all well, I am looking forward to catch up on what everyone else has been up to!
Michele x

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trixi said...

Ahh to be 4 again and eat all that sugar and not feel sick or even have to think about how many laps around the park you'll have to burn off all those calories (kilojoules?). Your nan looks absolutely amazing for 96!