Saturday, June 19, 2010

Good luck and kind wishes for Australia!

I don't usually enjoy watching sport on TV  but, I do love the world cup!!! I look forward to it every time, it is such fun to see the best part of the world enthusiastic about the same thing - this might work better to unite us than any religion ever could!
I love how Mexico can beat a country like France, it is such a great result, it is so exciting to see!
I am hoping Australia (the footballroos) I mean the "Socceroos" can make it through tonight...and well beyond this group - best of luck to them!!! I would love to see them do it - or hear about it the next morming!
Our fingers are crossed.
Now to get nice and comfy on the couch and definitely NOT close my eyes! xxx........zzzzzzz


Miss Prudence said...

ok so that explains where you are!

Poppy Kat. said...

how are you managing to look after the kids and watch?

Poppy said...

how are you coping with the early mornings and looking after the kids?