Friday, August 6, 2010

Just popped back to say hi!

I have been a bit scarce around the blog sphere lately, there is no great reason, just shifting priorities and a slump in my creative side. I have barely visited any ones blog  for ages - I miss it - I miss that wonderful creative inspiration. For the moment though, I guess I have swapped my creative sewing/crafty side - for my creative cooking/foodie side.
I have been working a couple of days a week now and am hoping that my hours are going to increase even more... I have some training coming up and have my fingers crossed. It is way too much of a good time trying and learning about our lovely produce and our super cheese fridge is seriously delicious trouble and it takes much restraint not to spend all my earnings at work! (I hope to post some pretty pictures of some of our lovely food soon)
Another reason for not much activity here is that I seem to have mixed up a bag with my camera recharger with a bag that was heading for the opp shop...Oh Dear!!! I have not investigated how much this would cost to replace...I am Still hoping it will miraculously turn up - it does not look good though! Shit!
Thank goodness for a close friend has the same recharger!!!
I will sign off and leave you with some photos. Back some time soon!
Thanks for your concern and comments guys - your alright!!! xxx

Spanner - a young male emu at Healesville Sanctuary

O'Shannassey's Aqueduct
Some top class acting!
 Michele x


trixi said...

hi Michele, I was just about to write off an email to say hi when I noticed you had posted. Glad to hear you are busy cooking and enjoying work. Sometimes you just need to take a break from the blog world...and to remember all the other things you love doing. Have a happy weekend.

Ange said...

That is awesome acting, indeed, young lady. Sometimes I see acting of that calibre at the dinner table, usually over a particularly poisonous piece of tomato, or lettuce ...

Miss Prudence said...

That is oscar grade !

Glad to see you popping in - really miss your posts!


lisa stubbs said...

lovely pics! :) loved reading this post:)